Why we don't vaccinate

What happened to our daughter at the age of 2 subsequent 
to a routine vaccination. 
On 11/24/03 Skylar received a vaccination which we strongly 
believe was the catalyst for her liver failure. Doctors would 
tell us off the record this seemed to be the cause, but no one 
would put it on the record. 
Within a few weeks, the doctors told us that she was dying 
of liver 
failure. For a long time it was incredibly hard for us to get a 
handle on all that has happened to our little girl. In essence 
it was a nightmare from which we could not awaken. The 
health insurance and hospital could not 
come to an agreement on the price of the transplant and the 
hospital told us she had been put on "internal financial hold".

Skylar needed this transplant to stay alive. The insurance 
company and the hospital finally came to an agreement and
thankfully Skylar was placed on the transplant list. She
received her liver transplant on 2/25/04. Skylar received
her liver on February 25, 2004 from an anonymous donor. She
was 6 hours away from getting a portion of her daddy's liver.

She was discharged from UCLA on March 12, 2004. At the 
time we were then living in a one bedroom hotel room in 
Torrance, California, over 400 miles from our home in Nevada. 
We were told we would have to remain there for 4 to 6 weeks, 
so Skylar could have regular blood tests, and check ups at the 
UCLA liver clinic. It turned out to be alot longer than that. 
Skylar had to be readmitted to the hospital several times 

She was released from the actual transplant on March 12, 2004. 
Her first readmission was for a bilomia (a build up of bile from 
her split liver) She had a fever and was complaining her belly hurt. 
A drain was placed in her back to release the fluid, numerous 
tests were run and she was pretreated with antibiotics.

She was discharged on March 23, 2004 after 8 days. Skylar 
was at the hotel with us and and seemed to be recovering well, 
however, on March 26, 2004 she had to be readmitted to the 
hospital again. Blood tests showed that her platelets were 
dangerously low. She needed a platelet infusion. Shortly 
thereafter, she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. This 
meant her bone marrow was not making any of the blood 
cells a body needs to survive; this is a life threatening illness. 
We were devastated. The doctors tried a treatment called 
ATG and also gave her Neupogen injections (to jump 
start white blood cell production).

This was a long and nail biting time for us as we waited to 
see if the treatment would be successful. If it was not, 
she would have to have chemotherapy and then a bone 
marrow transplant. After all Skylar had been through
already, the thought of her having to go through this
was unbearable. She was in the hospital 17 days for
the aplastic anemia. Upon discharge, we were finally
able to go home. We had spent 70 days in California.
As of the First week of May, her aplastic anemia had
resolved and her bone marrow appears to be back on track.
We were thrilled! However, the same blood work revealed
that Skylar may have been in rejection. A liver biopsy was
performed and she was readmitted for 5 days to receive a
steroid pulse to treat the rejection. Skylar was released
from our local children's hospital on May 12, 2004.

We were so happy to have her back home again. Her 
central line was removed in June, 2004 and it was so nice 
to not have the constant fear of that causing infection
hanging over us. We are blessed that the police department
my husband works for changed their transplant aftercare
benefits and that Skylar has coverage for her medical bills. 

Skylar's life is filled with blood draws,  anti rejection 
medications and life time follow up care. She will always be immunosuppressed and therefore at risk for things that 
others would not even scoff at. A flu or chicken pox 
for her is time back in the hospital. When she has children 
she will need to be followed very carefully during her
pregnancy to make sure her medications do not cause
harm to her babies. I have heard time and again from
other parents, well it's so rare for anyone to have a
reaction. I was one of those parents. Well, it's simply
not true. Everyone knows someone who's had a vaccine
related injury. And yes in any state you can legally
avoid them. No one anywhere has the right to force you
to inject a smoking gun into your child. Ever! 

One choice..... one decision we made that we didn't 
research with such far reaching and life altering results. 
We blindly trusted a doctor (whom when questioned by
others, denied even having her as a patient, despite being
her doctor since birth and never reported her vaccine
injury - makes you wonder how many other doctors just fail
to report the results of their patients). I implore every
parent to practice diligence when deciding if a vaccine is
worth the risk. Vaccines are not safe. Not in any
way shape or form. 
For information about vaccines here is some reading:

Thank you to our donor family and to our liver team. And to my 
husband's employer. He was able to be with us for 8 months 
with full pay and full benefits while being in the hospital or 
at home to care for Skylar. Every family everywhere should 
be able to have that for their family if they should need it. 
Please become an organ donor and give the gift of life.

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