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I encourage every Mom or Dad to check the products they use for their family on the Cosmetic Database. If you have never done so, you will be shocked at the dangerous ingredients in products we use daily on our children and ourselves. Some of the worst offenders are those tear free baby shampoos and baby lotions that most of our parents used on us growing up.

Though I am far from an expert I do feel very strongly about finding the safest choices for my family. And it can easily be done on a budget. In most cases it cost less to go for the safer option. I've found that to be true for my family. We are a family of six with 3 pets on a single income. We have a set budget. Within our budget we are able to eat organic and non GMO foods, feed our pets a non GMO diet and use non toxic personal care products and home cleaning products.
I had written a healthy living guide which I hope may be of help to someone else.
I am always available via email should you need help making changes for your family.

Many healthy blessings to you and yours,

Healthly Non Toxic Living

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