About Me

I'm a Christian Mom, probably not what you'd think of when you envision a typical Christian homeschooling Mom. 

We believe God is all love and my husband Bryon and I do not use God to instill fear or to control our children. We also don't follow mainstream Christian views of parenting, but choose to pursue gentle, respectful parenting. Which means we do not use punishments. 

I am a Mother of 4 children who have blessed my life in amazing ways. I'm married to a musician/police officer who totally rocks (pun intended). I'm a paralegal by trade, jean wearing, make up lovin', hair high lighting kind of girl.
I love being a homeschooling Mom. I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy each precious moment with my children.

I'm a bit of a crunchy Mom so I've been told : ).  I was a passionate cloth diaper user with my last two children, though all of my babies are out of diapers now.
I enjoy making homemade cleaners, and feeding my family in an organic and non GMO way while doing so on a budget. I had a homebirth with my last baby and have exclusively breast fed all my children. We do not vaccinate any of our children for personal as well as throughly researched reasons. 
And if you could not tell by my "save the wolves" links I have on my page. I adore animals, especially this majestic creature. I also love reading and doing research. 

Our homeschool style has always been a mixed bag drawn from varying methods that caught my interest and appealed to me in some way. We have homeschooled all along, our children have never been in any other school setting.
We've used either in whole or in part, some Waldorf, Montessori, Unit studies, Sonlight, Charlotte Mason, and The Robinson curriculum (the latter is what was our backbone for over a year). I felt we had an unschooling bent by my own definition because the kids did the 3 R's with Robinson and the rest of the day was theirs, but more accurately, looking back I'd say it was maybe child led if I had to give it a term.  As more time has gone by the Lord led us to explore a natural learning lifestyle which is referred to as unschooling. For us that would be Christian Unschooling. And yes it is possible to be a Christian and radically unschool.
I should add that our younger children have only followed natural learning through daily life. And seeing how well they had done really encouraged me to put my faith in natural learning /unschooling with my older two.

Unschooling is more time, more commitment, more attention than materials or methods we've used in the past. There is a misconception that it's easy, that it's lazy. That kids are off doing their own things and parents are just going about their business separate from their kids. But it's not easy. Parents are partners. Parents are involved, interested, interesting, accessible, attentive, plugged in, communicative, 24/7.

I have no regrets over anything we have tried over the years. Everything we have used has been what we needed at that time. It has brought us to where we are today. In the words of Pink Floyd "Another brick in the wall". As the needs of our family have changed, it's my duty to make the changes to suit where God has led us. Homeschooling should be a joy, not a chore and I make that a priority here. Learning can absolutely be fun and just a part of daily living. What an amazing journey homeschooling is!

Some posts on our blog might be our "older" school style. But as they are part of our journey I don't want to delete them as though they never existed. If you are here looking for those posts many are able to be found via the labels I've used and some I have relocated here

Any reviews I share on my blog of books, items, or products I recommend are from personal use or belief. I receive no payment or reimbursement.

Thanks so much for stopping by our neck of the cyber woods. I hope you enjoy your homeschooling journey as much as we are. And wish you and your family many wonderful blessings!

Happy Homeschooling!