Friday, January 19, 2018

2017 update

So I realize it's been quite a while since I've posted. Life and time gets in the way I suppose.
I thought I would give an update of what's been going on in our lives:

Skylar is 16 now and as I look back at where her interests were last year I see she has taken a different interest path. Previously she was interested in forensics. I guess folks may wonder if she's driving. Of her own accord she decided she's not really ready to drive. She and I had a bit of a fender bender in the summer (we were rear-ended at a red light) and that not only shook us up, but it impressed upon her the huge responsibility that driving a vehicle entails. She has the permit booklet and said she will let us know when she feels ready.

Right now she's focusing on writing fiction and learning some languages she's interested in... Korean, Spanish and French. She's also been reading. Right now she's reading a book called Quiet and another one of Travis Langley's books, this one being Captain America vs Iron Man. She's also planning to read his book on Supernatrual as that's one of our favorite shows here. She also has a few things she would like to brush up on skill wise before she feels ready to graduate at age 17. She's really interested in various types of music from all genres and time periods. She's been attending some concerts when the opportunity presents itself. She's pretty active on Instagram as well.

Summer is 14 now. She's interested right now in Korean Pop music. She is learning Korean and spends a lot of time reading about her favorite bands, band members and Korean culture. She is also pretty active on Instagram. She's not really been much of a sit and read a book fan but has been reading Skylar's writings.

Both the older girls really have gotten into helping meal prep and clean up after dinner. They keep their rooms spotless. I wish I was like that as a teen. But I'm almost embarrassed that they keep their
rooms more tidy than our master bedroom.

Decklin is 11 now. One huge milestone was that he taught himself to read. I cannot begin to say how awesome that journey has been to witness. I'll admit I had my doubts. How could a child learn to read with no instruction at all. But I trusted that so many before him had done just that and I was willing to give it time. It was Xbox gaming, Nintendo DS games, apps on the iPad,  text messaging with family and friends (that talk to text and Siri reading texts was a huge help). He also taught himself to tell time based on the fact that he wanted to know when his dad would be home from work at night. He's reading the Action Bible and Lego bible right now. He also likes listening to the audio bible versions on an app on his IPad. He enjoys online gaming on Xbox live, playing with local and distant friends in person and on Xbox, and gaming with his sisters. He's also a really great golfer. This year he was able to go beyond the driving range and golf a full 18 holes twice with my husband. That was pretty awesome for him he said.

Ember is 8 now. She's big on repeat listening to TV shows while she has a bunch of other things going on (i.e.: playing with our puppy, or should I say puppies, playing with playdough, making slime, building with magnatiles, coloring, cutting things out and up, playing apps on her Nintendo DS or on her IPad, just to name a few.) She also loves doing stuff around the house, laundry, dishes, mopping, vacuuming, dusting.
We just redid our family chore list (where we sit and the kids pick the stuff they like or don't mind doing and we had to hold her back so she wouldn't take them all haha).

My husband was right on scene on the 32nd floor at the Route 91 shooting that we had here in Vegas in October 2017. You might have seen him on TV the day he met the President.  Afterward he needed some time off as it was just a lot to take in from that night and was so very emotional. So he was able to take some time from work to heal and try to get back to normal. During that time we were able to just spend time as a family working through all that happened and all that he saw and experienced. We have 4 pups and 2 cats so leaving town and getting away for a bit wasn't workable but, during that time we were blessed to be so loved on by our local church family. People from church reached out to us in amazing ways. One fellow church member gifted us with an experience at our local lion habitat. Bry got to even feed a lion. And we all got to feed a giraffe. Our church gifted us with a cool experience to shark reef and dinner. They also offered so much support and prayers. They honored Bry as a first responder at church and it was just so great to have so much love poured out on us.

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