Friday, August 26, 2016

August 2016 - getting Debt Free - affording things

Hello fellow homeschoolers out there in the world.
I Hope this finds you all doing quite wonderfully.

The kids are now almost 15, almost 13, almost 10 and 7.

Bry and I made a huge commitment this year beginning in May 2016 to follow Dave Ramsey's plan to get us debt free. We really want to be able to cash flow any of the kids through college if we are able... though we realize that may not be realistic as Skylar will be 15 soon and we have quite a bit of debt to work through.. but we are giving it our all to make it happen. I'm keeping myself accountable to being debt free at this blog just for that purpose alone: We will be Debt Free 
We have found a pretty cool option for an online accredited high school for Skylar if she wants to do that. As of yet she doesn't. And we are okay with that. We also found a sister online college related to the homeschool which is a good option if she wants to pursue that. We shall see what the future holds for her plans in that regard.

Decklin had a huge awesome milestone... it's been happening step by step over the years... but he has learned to read without us using any "learn to read programs" so that was super awesome to see. Sometimes I found I would second guess not using learn to read programs with he and Ember, so this was a real boost maybe when I needed it. Sandra Dodd talks about reading a lot on her website. And I was truly relieved that I let his mind work the way it did and let him learn at his own pace. What helped him with this... Video games... You Tube Videos... Websearches... Talk to text on his IPad... Siri....Books... Game guides... Game walk throughs... Friends... Us...

Happy Homeschooling.

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