Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 update

This was a post I had sitting in draft for a while. It's essentially a review of the things the kids were passionate about in 2014.

At the time the update was drafted, the kids were 5, 7, almost 11, almost 13. Breaking it down by more traditional school subjects, things they would have covered this year:
Language arts, Music theory, Music instruction, Music appreciation, science, math, art instruction, art appreciation, Physical education, and critical thinking skills. 

Things the kids have been interested in and passionate about:

Skylar almost 13:
She is still really interested in being a make up artist, as she was last year about this time. We've continued supporting her interest. She also still enjoys experimenting with various make up applications. And enjoys reading reviews on make up, beauty products, personal care products. Make up alley is a site she enjoyed reading over this year. Hordes of reviews there. 

She still has a keen interest in watching horror movies. And along with Summer and my husband. They try to watch one every weekend together. Bry and I do the research prior to compile some choices for movies that don't have themes that would be inappropriate for our girls. At this stage in the game, the sexual nature of some of the movies is something we avoid. Some may ask why not the violence? But the violence to them is clearly all fiction. Whereas we as parents feel the scenes of a sexual nature, just aren't necessary or of interest for a good scary movie.She's learning guitar. My husband has been giving her lessons (he self taught at 12 and has been playing since). And this year she's discovered some music that she has taken an interest in and been acquiring her own music collection bit by bit. 
She enjoys spending her time practicing guitar, listening to music and drawing. 
She really enjoys drawing wolves with copic markers as her preference. Her friend helped her get started with her drawing via "lessons" over face time conversations. Gotta love the door that technology opens. 

She started an Instagram and has loaded some of her art, some pictures of our cats, and some of her previous clay art work there. She also enjoys following a few other folks on Instagram. 

Both the older girls made a great friend through the homeschool group I am the caretaker for. Through the summer they went to her house weekly where they played minecraft together, did some drawing and listened to music. They text and facetime as well. The girls have the prior versions of my and Bry's Iphones and use a free texting app. They don't have cell service, but service over wifi, which we feel works good for their needs now. 

Sometimes on Mondays Skylar will accompany Bry to band practice, where she hangs with his band members daughter. 

She also enjoys watching gaming videos and music videos on YouTube. 
And playing new video games. 

With her freely given spending money she sets aside funds for copic markers and new songs on Itunes to add to her collection. 

Summer almost 11:

Summer is still interested in learning guitar and the interest has been reignited as Skylar has recently started lessons. 
We have had some fun, Summer, Decklin and I jamming on guitar hero for Xbox 360. Good times! She really enjoys the walking dead game app on her kindle and used some of her spending money to buy the game disk for Xbox this weekend. 

She continues to be a devoted email pen pal. It's one of her favorite ways to connect with friends. She also enjoys texting and facetiming with friends. 

She still loves watching prank videos on You Tube. As well as video game walk through and ghost stories. She also listens to music and enjoys using stencils for drawing. 

She plays with her younger siblings quite a bit: Board games, takes them out to ride scooters, plays video games with them. She's still really into fashion and clothing. Recently she made guitar pick earrings for herself, her sisters and her friend.  

We recently picked back up watching Supernatural together, her, Skylar and I. 

Summer, Skylar and I have recently gotten into the TV show Blacklist. 

Decklin 7: 
He still enjoys toy guns and sword play. 
Especially nerf and super soaker guns! One of his favorite things is running about at the park with his friends playing Super heros. 

He really enjoys playing video games with any of us or sometimes he likes to play solo. He's been teaching Ember to play minecraft on Xbox. He's so patient helping her along. It's really sweet to see.
Summer plays various games with him a lot. They even got into playing Grand theft auto. Which is really fun to watch them play. 
Video games for us are connection, great times, talking, laughing... just so different than what mainstream media says about a child and video games.
He is really into Adventure time, Regular show, Trasformers Prime, Clone Wars, and Ultimate Spider-Man. He still plays a ton with Legos. And still is really into the bristle blocks. Building a lot of ships with them. He rides scooters with the other kids almost daily. 
We get together weekly for him to play with friends at the park. 

Ember 5:
This little lady knows her way around her newest kindle like an expert. She can often be found playing a kindle game and watching a program. She's into Victorious, Life with Boys, Hannah Montana, and Sam and Cat, as well as some shows she and Decklin share an interest in. 

She and I play a lot of Uno of varying types (Monster High uno is one she likes a lot). And several other board/card games: Monopoly Empire, Feed the Kitty, and dominoes. She's been playing some Starfall on the computer. 

We are all really a gaggle of homebodies and enjoy watching movies and hanging at home together. Taking walks in the cool evenings. Late night snacks and chit chat. Video game challenges, finding a new series to watch, are all things we do as a family. 

Wishing everyone a great day!

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