Friday, July 20, 2012

What we've been up to lately

It's been pretty hot here so the kids and I have enjoyed relaxing at home, with a few days at the splash pad at the nearest park thrown in, when we want to brave the heat.

Things that have come up in the past few weeks:

  • Talked about what it's like having a baby. (from my 3 year old)
  • Decklin (5) and Ember (3) had a great dialogue about Condors while they played Condor and prey with some beanie babies and small wood toys. 
  • Yesterday all the kids enjoyed while I read from The Jesus Storybook bible. 
  • I read a book about parenting and the older girls, Bry and I talked about it, gave our thoughts to each other about the content. 
  • The girls got some new Monster High dolls and played with those. 
  • Summer (8) and Ember got some Lalaloopsy dolls and Skylar (8) got another one. The kids played almost the whole day with their new dolls. 
  • We watched Lalaloopsy on Netflix. 
  • Decklin and I went to the store so he could pick out a few new toys. 
  • Decklin went and saw the new Spiderman movie with Bry. 
  • We took two weeks off of church as our Pastor was away, and went back again last week. 
  • We talked about Grace. 
  • Skylar and I have been really into watching True Crime shows on TV lately. 
  • We watched some of the Around the World in 80 Plates episodes and So You Think You Can Dance. 
  • Skylar, Summer and I went to the eye doctor because her eyes were giving her a spot of trouble. Afterward we went hunting for more Monster High dolls, of which we could not find any they didn't have already. 
  • We made a trip to the eye doctor for Skylar to have a check up the following week. After which we went to look at pets at a local pet store. We saved a little hamster that was being attacked by another hamster. They moved the poor thing to another cage and were going to make sure she was okay. After that was taken care of we watched all the birds fast asleep. Skylar picked up some pamphlets on animals she wanted to read more about. 
  • Another day, when we went to pick up Summer's glasses from the eye doctor. We passed a bush with odd looking fruit on it. Decklin suggested it might be the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden. We had some discussions as we stood there looking at the bush. We decided to pick some so we could bring it home and open them up to have a look. We cracked one open in the garage with a hammer and we were greeted with just seeds. Nothing which seemed edible. We decided to put the open "fruit" out to see if birds had any interest. None did so the girls pondered it possibly being poison to birds. 
  • We observed a couple Condors flying and had some nice conversations. 
  • We talked about drugs and what they do to people and how they act when on them. 
  • The kids gave us constructive input on our parenting. We ask for feedback. 
  • We went to watch the Conures at the pet store. One has birds that dance and are so friendly. This day we also watched some rats and my favorite the ferrets. 
  • Another day we fell in love with a beautiful black bunny who was up for adoption at the pet store. We talked to him a while. Then we went home and googled about owning a rabbit and talked with Bry about it. He felt it best that we not get a rabbit. He's not much of an animal fan, though we have 2 cats and a dog. He loves one of the cats and doesn't mind the other. The dog, well he's not a fan of hers. 
  • Summer went grocery shopping with me and picked out some new things for us to try. Mahi Mahi burgers being one of those new things. 
  • All the kids and I went to the grocery store because they asked if we could have root beer floats. We picked up some Hansen's root beer and some organic vanilla ice cream. And decided to try a jar of organic curry in a flavor we'd seen on Masterchef that week.
  • We watched Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef. 
  • At church on Monday our Pastor read us some of The Lion, The witch and the wardrobe. Skylar decided she wanted to read the whole Narnia series over again. And we plan to watch the movies. 
  • Skylar has been playing Lep's world a lot on her Fire. 
  • My brother came over a few times to play with the kids. He played Hide and Seek and also played Decklin's new Xbox 360 Spiderman game. 
  • Decklin, Summer and I played Lego Batman 2, with Ember and Skylar watching and helping. 
  • Ember and I played Wii Just Dance and she and Decklin watched me as I played Walk it out. 
  • Decklin built a puffer fish out of clay and corn holders. 
  • The younger kids and I have been building a lot with Duplo and Megabloks. 
  • Summer was having trouble building a house with the blocks so Skylar helped her out. They ended up making a village. They all prefer the larger blocks at this point even though we have the smaller Lego's as well. 
  • Decklin built a ton of space ships and transformers with his bristle blocks. 
  • Decklin played a lot with his Transformers in the family room. 
  • The older girls helped me build cardboard blocks. It was like origami : ). We had fun. Then they built a retaining wall across the family room floor. They did this several times over the past few weeks. 
  • We met my brother's new girlfriend.
  • Summer wrote to a new penpal. And Skylar wrote to a long time penpal. 
  • Everyone's been pitching in on Friday's to help tidy the house. 
  • Ember had us listen to Katy Perry about 50 times in the car the other day. Holy smokes that was such a fun trip : (. 
  • I watched as Decklin did Spiderman flips on my bed. 
  • Decklin had Summer draw web shooters on his arms so he can be Spiderman.
I know there is a horde more but I am falling asleep as I type this evening. Hopefully when more comes to mind I can add them. : ) 

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