Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rest in peace, Elijah Rainbow Fisher

I've sat to blog many times over the past few days. But nothing seems right to share. Nothing seems quite important enough to share because my mind has been focused on a family and their loss. Constantly in my thoughts is the Fisher family who forges ahead the rest of their days without their beautiful baby son, their only son, Elijah Rainbow.
As a fellow homeschool Mom, I couldn't help but feel as if I got to know them a bit over the years via their blogging adventures. It seems like just yesterday reading their amazing birth story of Elijah and being touched to tears by it.

Knowing there is another family in pain, suffering a loss like this, it can't help but have an effect on you, to change you, and to make you want to cherish every moment you have with your own children. I find myself holding my children a little longer in quiet moments, smelling their hair while giving them hugs just a bit tighter and relishing in each interaction just a bit more than I had the day before.

Our hearts go out to the family.  May sweet memories of their son bring them comfort and pull them through the dark days ahead. May they feel the thousands of prayers that homeschoolers across the world are saying in their name and not lose hope or faith. And above all, may God comfort them as only he is able. 

So you have sorrow now, but I will see you again; then you will rejoice, and no one can rob you of that joy.                      
John 16:22  (NLT) 

Rose Beyond the Wall 
by A.L. Frink

A rose once grew
where all could see,
sheltered beside
a garden wall,
And as the days passed
swiftly by,
it spread its branches, straight and tall...
One day, a beam of light
shone through
a crevice that had
opened wide ~
The rose bent gently
toward its warmth
then passed beyond
to the other side
Now, you who deeply
feel its loss,
be comforted ~ the rose blooms there ~
its beauty even greater now,
nurtured by
God's own loving care.

Rest in peace baby Elijah. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What we've been up to.

We went to the park with Bry on Monday. It was a bit crowded since the public school let out but we found a place to enjoy. The kids started off playing frisbee with Bry in the grassy area. And then chasing the spray from the sprinklers that were being worked on. When there was a space to sit at the tables by the splash pad we had a water balloon fight, which was mostly the kids throwing them at Bry. He was soaked by the time we left.

Tuesday we went to the park again, because the day before was such fun. It's not the same when Bry isn't with us because he runs around with the kids and gets all silly and fun.
We were hoping that the kids' new friends would be able to meet up with us but they had errands to run.
We blew up water balloons and shared them with some other children.
The girls played Monster high dolls with another little girl. Decklin was not in the mood to share so he packed up his toys and decided to play on the play structures instead and ran around with a crew of younger kids who was enjoying doing that with him. Ember and I read her new set My Little Pony books that had been delivered as we had been walking out the door.  And she even got in the water spray of the splash pad, which she usually doesn't like doing very much.
After the park we went to the store and picked up inexpensive water guns and more water balloons and some bubbles for our next park trip. And then we stopped for burgers and fries.

Wednesday Decklin, Ember and I had such a wonderful time together.
Decklin and I played Lego Batman on the Wii. I read to them. Ember picked her new Little Pony books and Decklin his Batman books. They watched and talked with me while we played Plants vs Zombies on my Iphone.
Decklin asked me how helicopters take off, if it was like planes or no. I asked if he wanted to see some videos of helicopters. He did, and he and Ember sat with me on the couch to watch. That led to us watching some fighter planes doing tricks. When he was done he said so he had enough. Then he sat and played with some toy helicopters and planes on the floor.
We played some new board games we received yesterday, Hiss and Go away Monster.
We blew up huge green balloons. Decklin and I went upstairs and hit the balloon back and fourth over my bed, sorta like volleyball. His balloon ended up popping so he blew up another using the air pump.
We did a messy plaster craft which led all the kids and I to have a plaster and water fight in the back yard. I made Popcorn and we watched some episodes of Raising Hope, which was the kids choice. They think the Grandmom and baby are so funny.
We watched So You Think You Can Dance and ate a big tray of nachos.
When Decklin was ready to get in bed, him and Ember got in my bed and we watched some Batman on The hub.

The older girls spend a lot of time in the loft playing Monster High Dolls. They are really into these dolls very much at this point in time. They got a few last year around birthday's and holidays and played with them a bit. Recently they rekindled their interest in them. I found them some episodes of their show to watch and saved the page on their kindles in case they had an interest. I went to our local toy store and found a few of the dolls that they didn't have that were being sold for crazy prices online. So I grabbed them up. We added the ebay app to their kindles so they can window shop for good deals on the dolls. They have about 14 of these dolls now.
They decided to collectively save up their spending money allowance to buy more dolls, taking turns between them on who gets which doll.
They use Amazon to look over the dolls, read reviews, and to keep track of the prices.

Today we did end up going to the park. It was so hot!
We met the kids' new friends for a few hours of play. And they all had a nice time together. Except little Ember who was not enjoying herself quite as much. She got much happier once water guns came out. She wanted to swing and slide so badly but everything was very hot and not usable.
I had to deal with some bullying issues from two older girls directing them at my son. My son was like, Mom that was awesome you sticking up for me like that!
We went to run some errands after. I am so wiped out from the heat. This old gray mare she ain't what she used to be. The sun and heat suck the life right out of me.
The rest of the day will be some relaxing and my going to bed early I hope.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A fantastic resource

This website called Parental Intelligence has so many wonderful articles geared toward respectful parenting, homeschooling and unschooling. Varying authors and varying resources are shared in the newsletter which you can subscribe to and receive a newsletter in your email box. The link I provided takes you to the archive page where you will be able to read over many years of fantastic articles. All of this is free!

Friday, June 1, 2012

unschooling videos

Some people do so much better with audio/video mediums verses reading, blogs or articles.

Here is a small collection of unschooling videos:
John Taylor Gatto on Unschooling 

Not unschooling per say, but a great video of Dr. Peter Gray: