Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What our 10 year old has been doing

I had done what our 8 year old was doing and received some emails asking about what our 10 year old is doing as her “curriculum”.

As with my 8 year old, please keep in mind that I only wrote the subjects down as if I had been looking at what she's been up to through schoolish glasses. I don't look at our days trying to find the education value anymore. It's just unavoidably always there. It is impossible to learn nothing.

Skylar's curriculum (10):

The Bible (She has two that she likes to read, sometimes three actually.) They are The Adventure Bible, The Day by Day Bible for Kids, and the Graphic Bible. She reads a horde of books. Recently she went through the Poison Apple books because we saw them at the library and she thought they looked to be a quick and fun read. She's been reading more books in the Dear America series. She really loves those and re-reads them often. And then of course there are recipes, directions in games, the playing of games which requires one to read, signs, grocery lists, penpal letters, emails, and magazines we subscribe to and catalogs we get in the mail.

As our 8 year old has done, Skylar has also been covering various science topics out in our backyard, such as gardening, catching bugs with the bug vacuum, observing the stars (astronomy) and clouds (weather) and talking about them with Bry. She's also covered prosthetics, rock collecting, gem discovery and digging, birds, various aspects of animal care, cooking and baking, health, bacteria. She knows a lot about the immune system because of her liver transplant. We have a dog and two cats. One of the cats is stuck to her like glue, always on her bed with her or he follows her to another room and lays with her there. We also take nature walks, talk about the upcoming weather, go to the park when it's not to busy, climb trees and pick flowers. She is very firm in her belief that we are careful with bugs of any kind and not hurt them. Her favorite insect is the ant, whom she became enamored with after reading about them in a Christian Liberty Press Nature Reader. Ants have become one of my favorites too. She's taught me so much about them! Bees are also another she treasures.
Whenever we encounter ants or bees there are always questions about them from someone in the family that are directed to her. Sometimes on walks we just watch the ants go about their business and she tells us what they are doing, what role they play in the ant circle. It's all so fascinating!
We try to go observe animals in person once a week. Many times we end up watching videos or digging further into something we saw. And we watch you tube videos on anything they might ask about.
Today Decklin was asking about chocolate and where it came from. Because he was eating some of it in a Trader Joes trail mix. And that led to us all looking up pictures and information about the cocoa bean.

This is covered in some many faucets of her days. Playing games like Harvest Moon, Tap zoo, Sims Kingdom, Bakery Story, Bird Land, Fish Adventure, Oregon Settler, Petshop Story, Plants vs Zombies, Restaurant Story, and Fantasy Town (in those she has to practice time management, money management and financial transactions). It might sound like she would be glued to the games. It's okay with me if she were, but she's not. She reads, plays, might check on one of her games. Most of them are the kind that builds up money or energy and can't really be played straight through but has to be checked on over time. She was telling me last night how responsible you have to be to make sure your animals and crops don't die. Or that your food doesn't spoil. She gets a weekly allowance so she has money to save, spend, budget out, however she likes. In cooking, there is measuring in recipes. And she also covers percents, division and multiplication via daily encounters.
She enjoys board games and puzzles. We play princessopoly quite a bit, so that covers a lot of making change and money transactions, and Uno is another huge favorite which we play quite often. We have puppyopoly coming since we do have a little guy and sometimes he's not interested in the princessopoly. Yesterday we tried a gamed called Enchanted Forest. I was tired before we began playing but this really had me yawning : ). Not the game's fault I'm sure, and it will be easier the next time we play since we know how to play it now. So that game was all about memory, addition, counting in varying directions and strategy. There are also some great puzzle games on her Kindle Fire that she enjoys.

She reads a ton of books. History is one of her favorite topics to read about. Topics she's been delving into lately are indians, women's suffrage, modern times, Jane Goodall, Eleanor Roosevelt, life in the army, The Civil war, The Great Depression, slavery, the life of Jesus, the days before the ascension of Jesus. And of course the bible, which is His Story and is something she reads on her own daily. We also talk freely and daily about God. Bry is taking a class at church and comes home and he shares all about it with us.
If I see a historical special I think she might like on TV I'll tape it for us to watch together. Sometimes she declines to watch and it gets deleted.

She writes in four journals that she keeps, responds to penpals, emails, helps write out the grocery list or menu plan.

Arts and crafting:
Latch hook, clay, drawing with chalk in the backyard, painting, working with playdough with baby sister, clay and other modeling mediums. Painting her nails, or Ember's nails. Dying barbie doll hair with food coloring.

Character qualities:
These we cover through the way we treat each other in our home and others outside our home.

Phys ed:
Water blaster fights, water balloon fights, indoor Frisbee, walk, run, swing, ride scooters, hit golf balls, throw foam golf balls at each other in a golf ball fight.

She likes a clean tidy room and keeps it that way. When I put clean laundry on the end of her bed, she likes putting it away immediately. The kids don't have chores. But I do, and if I ask someone will usually chime in to help me out. Sometimes I'll come down and they will have surprised me and cleaned the kitchen up on their own. 
And she cleans and washes her meal plate after each meal and one of the younger kids. 

If I see something in my travels online or in real life that may interest her I will save it, buy it, take note of it. Some things I see are things I know she likes because of something similar she's liked in the past. And some things I sprinkle about or hand to her, just depends on what it is.
We try to play a board game daily since this is something she really likes. We taught Ember (just turned 3) to play Uno (last night she won 4 of 5 games and that was with showing us all her cards : ). And she plays Plants vs Zombies with me on the Xbox 360. This is my most favorite game. She taught me her strategy for playing when I watched her play on her Fire. And she told me to remain calm once the zombies come, because they always make me freak out : ).
She and Summer were talking about the possibility of volunteering at the kids area during church on Monday nights to play with the little kids. 

A lot of parents are scared of kids watching too much TV. Though Skylar (and all the kids) have free unlimited access, she just prefers to do other things. 


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Thanks for posting. I really enjoy reading about what your children are learning.

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