Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Instead of Medicating and Punishing

I've been listening to the free unschooling summit by Michelle Barone. Yesterday one of the speakers was Laurie A. Couture. I was not familiar with Ms. Couture previously, but enjoyed hearing her speak very much.
She is an unschooler who does not follow the unlimited media and unlimited electronics which might appeal to many who have strong feelings on those mediums.

***Please note that I am not endorsing her book as I have not read it. ***
But the title of the book is very interesting and would appeal to many parents who are facing the options of being influenced to medicate their children and prefer to find alternatives.
She has You Tube videos linked her on her website and more information about her book which may be found here.

From her website:
Laurie A. Couture, author of Instead of Medicating and Punishing, is a renowned, sought-after parenting coach and consultant. She specializes in supporting parents who wish to heal their children’s emotional, behavioral and educational struggles through attachment parenting, natural education and alternatives to psychiatric drugs. Laurie provides coaching for parents of children ages pre-birth through late adolescence. She also works with the unique parenting needs of single parents, adoptive parents, grandparents and step-parents. Laurie specializes in trauma and emotional and behavioral challenges in children… She confidently assists parents with healing solutions for any level of challenge!

After listening to the Unschool summit this week, one of my very dear friends has also felt led in her heart to unschool her children.
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redkitchen said...

I want to listen to the Unschool Summit (and I "like" them on FB). Could you please tell me how to do it, though? Sometimes I'm still technologically challenged. LOL

Melissa said...

Sure, you just go to this website and sign up:

Then you will get an email with directions to listen to it.
Today at 10 AM Linda Dobson is speaking and then at 4PM Marty Forte is speaking. You will get access to either listen live via telephone or via the webcast (which also has a chat and a submit questions option) or you can access it for 24 hours after it's original broadcast time.