Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to my husband!

I am so so lucky. He is such a great father and husband!

On his birthday he worked a modified shift. His squad was doing some training at the gun range which he didn't want to miss.
We had birthday cake for breakfast. Which was not so great. I gave him a cake choice and he picked a mix I had for vanilla cake that was a healthy organic version. It was not so great. I mean it wasn't bad, but it sure wasn't what I'd call good either. The frosting was yummy though so that was the saving grace at least : ).

After cake he opened presents. The kids had made him a mini putting green with golf balls and a club out of crayola model magic. And we picked out some new golf shorts and golf shirts and work out pants. All things he enjoys.

From there he and the kids went out back to have a water gun fight. It's not super hot here yet so the water got some of them pretty chilly. I made us some veggie scrambled eggs while they were playing. We needed something better than our disappointing cake.

He played some Star Wars on the Wii with Decklin and I sat in with them watching and doing some stuff on my blog.

The girls played upstairs in the loft (overlooking the room where Star wars was being played).

The kids played together and after lunch they had more of the not so great birthday cake.

Later the kids helped me cook dinner. Ember helped Skylar bake cupcakes. Decklin made biscuits. Summer cut up the vegetables and pealed the hazelnuts.
After he came home from work we had dinner. He did the dishes while I read to Ember on the balcony and then she fell asleep on my shoulder. I moved her into my bed and stayed with her a bit since she kept waking up.
Bry played some Star Wars on the Xbox 360 and the kids watched. I came down and watched for a bit and we all had snacks and cupcakes. Then I went up to bed.
The older girls peaked their heads in my room to tell me they were going to sleep, I was laying there watching TV. And the Decklin followed soon.

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