Sunday, March 25, 2012

Punishment and Consequences

There was a great post shared by another Mom that I thought was just wonderful. I wanted to share it here as well for any who might have missed it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What we've been up to

Last weekend we had to pack up the family and move out of our house for about six days while construction was being done.
My brother graciously opened his home to our family of six plus our 3 pets. Him being a single guy we pretty much invaded his house, but we tried to keep our invasion as minimal as possible.
He's a bit of a minimalist. It was so nice having less stuff to worry about, and take care of. And we only brought a few well loved things for the kids to play with so toy clean up was a snap. Being there actually made some of us feel inspired to give away and throw away things we don't have any emotional attachment to. I tend to keep things for a just in case kind of moment. Those rarely come so I'm letting them go. And the girls realized that they tend to keep some toys they don't have any attachment to and rarely play with. So they want to let go of those. I like Flylady's declutter system very much. And the second day we were back in our home I had a blast doing her Fling boogie. But I threw away much more than 27 things I'm sure.

While at my brothers for the week the kids and I did some fun things. And it felt like a vacation away from all the stress that the new rental house had caused us.

  • We played Wii games with my brother and then just the kids and I. We got my brother to help us with some of the tricky parts requiring flying in Lego Star Wars. 
  • We went to the little grassy park on his street. The kids climbed trees for the first time every! And they rode their scooters and ran in the grass. We also watched the Bees pollenating the flowers and the ants doing their thing also. Decklin built a little village with rocks and Skylar collected some. I played the evil troll and they had to pay me to pass with lovely rocks that I'd pretend to eat. Bry was a dragon and chased them around and has races with them.
  • We had a fun time playing Plants verses Zombies on the DS together. Those zombies are tough! 
  • The girls played some of their Harvest Moon. This is their most favorite game. 
  • We watched Puss in Boots. 
  • We went to Kohl's and Summer picked out some new clothes. And the kids each picked out a new toy to enjoy while at my brother's. 
  • My brother bought a toy helicopter to fly in the house for the kids. He played the airwolf theme and crashed a zillion times. The kids were in stitches. 
Sunday night Bryon came home and began to clean the house. The construction crew had told us our items would be covered, but they misled us and that was not the case. So Bry did a great job cleaning up prior to the rest of us coming home. 
Monday when I came with the kids and the pets we did some more cleaning together. The girls had been bunking in our master bedroom. After the move they just felt a bit better being in our room at night. So they felt ready to move back to their own room. We set up their beds like a sectional sofa. It looks so nice and cozy in there now. I'd like it as my room. 
They had to come back again to finish tiling the bathroom, which was to take 2 hours and they ended up being here for over 6. We had to ask them to leave at 6:30 when we were leaving for church. 

Tuesday we got settled back in. I did a ton of laundry and the kids played in the Barbie closet we were able to set up again. That had a flood and the carpet had to be replaced. So they finally got to enjoy that space. And the older girls and I went to the grocery store. 

Wednesday the kids and I went and watched the airplanes at the airport and listened to them on the air traffic radio. We had snacks and made a fun time of it. Everytime a plane landed the kids would cheer and say "Welcome to .... (where we live)" .
We also went to Target and picked up some new items for play in and outside. 
Bry played a disney Wii game with the kids before he left for work. 
Things like:
-Catch game (which has the velcro paddle for when the kids catch the ball)
-Balls and bat
-Foam swords (from the dollar bin)
-Some new puzzles (from the dollar bin)
-A table tennis set
-sidewalk chalk
-Chinese jump rope
-Some foam paddle ball and bat and ball sets. 
-Decklin got a Iron Man doll that was Barbie doll sized to use to play with the girls when they play Barbie's. We have our eye on some GI Joe dolls next. 
-The girls and I wanted the River while the little kids watched some Noggin in the master bedroom. 
-Skylar and I began reading The book of God by Walter Wangerin, Jr. 
It's a wonderful book and we are both enjoying it very much. She also began reading the Action bible that we got for Decklin a while back. It's like a graphic novel version of the bible. And some of her new Dear America books. 

  • We went and got the older girls heelys today. While I was gone with the older girls, Bryon had a sword fight with Decklin and Ember and they did sidewalk chalk outside on the patio together. 
  • I picked up a collapsable wagon for the younger kids and Alice (our dog). We want on the walking trail and one of the wheels popped off. So back to the store we went to exchange it for a different model. We got to see Bry on duty for a bit while on the way to the store. The kids always love seeing him in uniform and his cool patrol car. 
We've been doing facetime with my Dad everyday to check in and see how he's doing. He has some hard days and some better days.