Friday, January 6, 2012

Yay a family car again!

We got a 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew. Bry had been anti mini van but this converted him. It's so nice to fit the whole family again and be able to go out together. We had been down to one car since August which didn't fit all of us. So for church I had to hitch a ride with my brother and Bry would take all the kids. While my parents were here, I rode with my brother and parents and Bry and the kids in Bry's car.
Bry really wanted another SUV but I was not amped to go with that because of cost and gas prices. He and my Dad spent a day looking and after a not great experience came home empty handed. The next day they went golfing and I researched a bit on the local Car Max and Edmunds sites to find something that would fit our budget and fit our family and safety needs.  I wanted something a bit easier to get the kids in and out of so I was not anti van by any means. Online I located Kia and VW mini vans to go see in person. And yet we fell in love with the dodge when we saw her : ). Bry loved all the bells and whistles. Like the sliding doors that open and close on their own and the hatch in the rear that does the same.
Car max was fantastic to deal with and I could not imagine buying a car from another dealer after having such a great non adversarial experience.

We turned Ember back around rear facing. She would not fit that way in Bry's car.
She's two, but I feel so much better with her rear facing again! Here is a nice site I like about car seat info. And of course is a great site. Ember is in a Sunshine radian 65. Decklin is also in a Radian 65 forward facing. I am a huge fan of these seats. You can even fit three across a bench seat nicely.
Summer (8) and Skylar (10) are now in the Monterey booster seat of their favorite color choices. These seats are sharp. They were a new addition. It was a toss up between these and the Recaro Vivo. I found some great pictures of kids sitting in both to show to Skylar (on the car seat safety site) and she picked what she felt looked most comfortable for the children in the pictures and went by the looks of the seat bottom. We wanted something that didn't have their legs hitting the seat in front of them because of the slope of our van seat. I think she made a fantastic choice! Wish I could sit in one. I'd choose purple : ).

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