Friday, January 6, 2012

What we have been up to learning wise

We had a great time with my parents while they were visiting. We did some fun things, like Star Wars battles on the Wii and dancing through some fun Just Dance games. Going out to eat and ordering in. My Mom did puzzles and baked with the girls. Skylar took a walk with my Dad (The other kids were sick) and while they were out they looked at model homes. My Dad played Barbie's with the kids. He is very sought after for Barbie play because he makes all the silly voices when he's being one of the dolls. He played The Emperor from Star Wars as he chased them around upstairs and they shot him with nerf darts. The kids and Bry and I all got nerf darts and guns to play with. Oh what fun those will be for chasing games. We had a lot of fun times with them here and it's always to short a visit.

As far as what else we have been up to.

  • Both the girls received Kindle Fire's for Christmas. I preloaded them with tons of fun games and a personal web page of things for them to access. Right now both of them are loving Tap Zoo. I have it on my Iphone too. But I'm just starting my Zoo. They are much farther with theirs. This is basically a game that allows you to create your own zoo, earn money, manage the money, decide how to spend your money. (If I was ticking a box I'd tick math and science). 
  • Using her fire, Summer has been enjoying Starfall which I linked on their webpage and doing some coloring pages as well as some Veggie tales games. She loves Tap zoo too.  Both the girls snuggle under a blanket on the sofa or sprawl out on my bed at night to play a bit of their zoo game together. 
  • They each have been watching some Netflix on their fires. Usually at night when they can't sleep after they have read a bit they will ask if they can watch something on the fire. 
  • Decklin received a Nintendo DS of his own for Christmas. He's been enjoying playing Lego Star wars, Toy Story 3, Cars and a few others. This is usually played on car rides or at night before bed to wind down. He doesn't seem to grab for it much during the day. 
  • For his birthday we gave Decklin an Innotab which is loaded with some fun games. And then we got him Cars to go along with it. That one is so fun. I've sat and played it with him. I stink at racing games on the Wii and this one was actually one I could do without to much trouble. You use the whole tablet as a steering wheel. The preloaded pinball game is great fun also. Ember also received one. They like to play them in the car when we go out and about. The drawing pad on it is what Ember loves. These are a great alternative to handing the kids an Ipad because of the cost. 
  • Just a few days ago we got Indiana Jones for the Wii. Oh gosh talk about a fun game! We are all loving that one. I play it with Decklin everyday for a bit. All of the kids take turns playing along with him. Bry played with him last night and it was such a riot. Skylar is great with solving puzzles in the game, and Summer can make the characters achieve impossible moves, and I love collecting all the coins and smashing all the legos to do so. So together we all make a fantastic team. Someone had emailed me asking about if I had concern about video games. They are great games that we all take part in and play together. No one is sitting all alone playing. These are just a great social fun time for us. And of course the learning is all around us while we play and chit chat. 
  • Skylar has been reading a ton as always. Lately she's working through some of the Dear America books, a book on Martin Luther King Jr., and one of the books in the Narnia series. 
  • We have been packing for our move which begins on January 13th, which we are super excited about. We plan to have our whole front room set up for the kids and overall family fun and enjoyment. The girls were excited to pack up their room. It was really impressive to see how quickly they packed up all their stuff. They are helping me with the rest of the house packing also. Summer enjoys the packing. 
  • Ember has been playing a ton with play dough using a new kit my Mom and Dad gave her. She uses cookie cutters and tools to shape, cut and design. She also is really liking playing with the little animals from Uno Moo. And we have been playing with her Elephant and Piggy dolls and reading the new collection of books that we added to our shelf about them. She is even more into the Fresh Beat Band. We actually found them on Netflix too so she is super happy to have so many episodes at her disposal. I do the dances (well I try to : ) and sing the songs to her through out the day. We have some fun. 
  • I've been playing a fun game on the Iphone called Tower Town. It's free. And you can only play a bit at a time as you run out of money or energy. So it's nice for just little times through out the day to check into it. I wish it was available for the Fires. I've also been doing the bible reading plan from my Church which started with the New Year. And been re-reading my highlighted notes in Unconditional Parenting and Connection Parenting. Next on my list is Playful Parenting. 


redkitchen said...

Sounds like lots of fun at your house. Hope your move goes well!

Melissa said...

Thank you : )