Friday, January 6, 2012

Merry Christmas!

The past few weeks have been crazy busy here. My parents were in town visiting for the holidays. We were also car hunting while they were here. And Decklin had a birthday as well. And the kids and I have been down with a cold since before they arrived. Ember and I are the last in the bunch to be on the mend.
Keeping the focus on Jesus for us at Christmas was not a hard thing to do. We talk to him and about him all the time. My son did tell one of the members of the church band that he wanted to bake Jesus a cake for his birthday and toss it up to heaven for him to eat it in the sky. : ) We did enjoy a wonderful Christmas Eve service at our church, which my parents were able to attend with us. Our Pastor talked about Goldfish. His daughter and son each had goldfish as pets. He began to wonder why his daughter's goldfish bowl was always cloudy and dirty. What he discovered was that she would pet her fish, to show it love. He went on to talk to us from the perspective of the fish and his diary entry of this massive force reaching in his bowl and terrifying him on a daily basis. It was a riot. What his message was, and what we all received well was that God in the old testament (seems scary to many) but that God showed his love always then, and always again in the form of Jesus. When Jesus came to earth to walk among us, he was relating to us on our own level. Much like if a human turned to a fish and got in the fish bowl verses sticking their hand in the bowl to pet it. : )
After service our family went out to dinner. We usually cook at home but this was a welcome treat to not have to cook and to just be able to sit back and enjoy the evening. It seemed many folks had a similar idea as the restaurant was filled with smiling jovial  faces.

We had added a pet to our family for Skylar on the 23rd. This added a bit more chaos to the holiday season. It was a ferret she wanted very much. Bry and I had ferrets before and had told her of the time commitment and watchful eye you need to have when they are out of their cages (at least 4 hours of the day with supervised play). She felt well prepared to do so. But the evening after Christmas we talked about it and she realized that it was not something she felt she could keep up with. She felt guilt because she was feeling that there were many other things she'd rather be doing. We were able to return the ferret and the cage the next day for a full refund. She felt bad about not keeping him but she realized all on her own that it was not something she was ready to handle. It went down much better this way than if we had said "no" and not let her try. She really appreciated us trusting in her to make decisions and choices.

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