Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Decklin!

Decklin turned 5 shortly after Christmas.
Poor little guy was down with a pretty bad cold for the week so his birthday was one of the days where he was in recovery mode. We did have a special lunch for him the Monday before his birthday. But it ended up being a comical disaster. The restaurant was out of fish for the fish tacos (which almost all of us wanted), there was no toilet paper or paper towels in the ladies room (even after we mentioned it it was not rectified), they had no kids cups and brought huge tall glasses which were a spill disaster waiting to happen. We could not wait to get out of there after our meal, didn't even stick it out for dessert. Bry and I had eaten there just the two of us a few weeks back and the food was really good. But with our second experience we won't be going back. That night is when Decklin actually got sick, had a fever and was down for the count.
On his birthday he was feeling much better and My Mom, the girls and I took him to a do over birthday dinner. None of the boys could be with us because they were working and my Dad did a police ride along with my brother. But we had a nice dinner and Decklin really enjoyed it. We had gotten a new car a day or so before his birthday so this our maiden voyage with all the kids in the new car.

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