Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christian Unschooling

I've met with some strong opinions 
regarding Christianity and unschooling.
Many feel it's not possible to be a Christian
and Unschool. Some folks seem to feel
unschooling is not biblical. Our church
and the sermons of our Pastor actually
opened the unschooling door to us.
And then God pulled us right on through it.        

Jesus is our ultimate example of love and 
kindness, teaching by modeling. Mindful,
loving, respectful, unconditional parenting
follows the model Jesus set. Radical
unschooling follows the model Jesus set
before us. 

Here are some great writings that have 
gone into depth to address Christian
Unschooling quite wonderfully.: 

Join this facebook group for Christians Against
Corporal Punishment.  

Read on the blog, The Path Less Taken.

I think the links provided have great insight
and I hope you enjoy reading them over. 


proud2bmykswife said...

Thank you for sharing these, Melissa! I particularly liked the one that talked about Hebraic education.

Melissa said...

Glad you enjoyed them. : )