Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today we:
  • Watched Chopped over breakfast. 
  • The kids played some Wii Games.
  • We did some cleaning and laundry. 
  • The kids made some paper dolls.
  • They played police and bad guys. 
  • Hide and seek and some other games. 
  • Read and/or looked at books. 
  • Looked at a book all about bugs all together with the older kids reading to the little ones. 
  • Prayers and devotions. 


Sahmmie said...

We really enjoy Chopped!!! But we don't have cable anymore. We also enjoy the challenge shows on Food Network, as well as The Next Food Network Star.

We have a bug book that my children all love. It grosses me out thoroughly, but they like it!

Melissa said...

Oh yes, chopped is a good one. : ) My kids played chopped and cupcake wars : ).

Oh what but book do you guys have? Ours is the Big book of bugs. Very gross : ). But for some reason it's a favorite here. My son has those little safari insects which he likes to pull out after looking at the book. I wish I could find him a set that's just spiders. He'd love those.

redkitchen said...

We play Chopped, too. And my ds8 loves bugs!

Melissa said...

LOL cool : )

Sahmmie said...

The bug book we have is Usborne The Big Bug Search. It's comprised of color drawings rather than actual photos, so it's not as gross, but it's still gross to me!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the title. I may have to check it out. : ).