Sunday, November 20, 2011

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What we've been up to:


  • Skylar and I went to pick up her birthday cake. We also grabbed a treat to share with the family after lunch on Wednesday. 
  • We tidied up the house. 
  • Decklin played Mario Cart on the Wii. 
  • Summer played Great Fairy Rescue (a new game she picked out) on her DS. 
  • We watched Cars 2 but the rented DVD froze and was not playable after a time, so that was the end of that. 
  • Skylar picked out for us to watch A Little Princess staring Shirley Temple. She read the book and I had mentioned when we went to get her cake that I thought they had a movie made from the book on Netflix. That was a really great movie. But she told us all about how it was different than the book and why she preferred the book. We talked about how the books are usually always better than the movie. 
  • Skylar took a nap. 
  • Happy Birthday Skylar! 
  • We sang and had birthday cake for breakfast. Then she opened her presents. 
  • My brother came over for cake and gave her a present. 
  • She talked on the phone to my parents. 
  • Earlier in the week she had spent a birthday gift card on Amazon and one of the things she picked out was a Monster High doll that she had seen in a magazine. When her new doll arrived she and the kids went and played Barbie's. My brother had given her a new doll also. 
  • We watched part of a special on the Amazon that Skylar picked out. 
  • My brother played Mario cart with the kids. 
  • We ordered Chinese food for lunch as a special surprise. 
  • Prayers and devotions. 
  • Summer watched some TV with me and the younger kids (Skylar was reading). 
  • Skylar received the Narnia gift set of books from my Mom and Dad as one of her gifts and the first night she was near done book one. 
  • I played Salon Superstar on the DS with the kids. That is a super fun game! 
  • We played Lego Star wars on the Wii. 
  • We had more cake again and then more Chinese food. 
  • Skylar stayed up to hang out with Bry when he got home. They played Sum Swamp and talked. 
  • I read to Decklin, Summer and Ember. (Skylar was sleeping)
  • Sky and I watched the Mentalist. 
  • Decklin played with safair horses, dinosaurs, babies and fairy dolls. 
  • We tidied up. 
  • Decklin cleaned his bedroom. 
  • Em took a nap. 
  • Skylar read more in the Narnia series. 
  • The kids played Lego Stars on the Wii. 
  • We changed all the sheets, a joint effort, everyone helping. And we cleaned upstairs. 
  • Ember and I watched some Fresh Beat Band. 
  • Kids and I played some DS games together. 
  • Prayers and devotions. 
  • Girls did their morning routines. 
  • Bry surprised us with donuts after he dropped my brother off at the airport. 
  • I ran some errands. 
  • Kids unloaded the dishwasher without any grumbling. 
  • Played games with balloons. 
  • Decklin played with his army men in the bathroom while I took a bath. He played next to the tub on the floor. 
  • Skylar read a lot of her Narnia books. 
  • Decklin played Star wars lego game with Bry. And everyone played Mario Cart together. 
  • Decklin and Summer played some DS games. 
  • I did prayers with Ember and put her to bed early. 
  • Skylar and I brainstormed a new schedule that would work better for her sleep wise since she has medicine to take 12 hours apart and she is a night owl. So we are trying noon and midnight. 
  • We watched Cars 2 (I rented it again, not broken this time). Decklin lost interest and didn't care for it as much as Cars. 
  • Summer read to Decklin and they sat on her bed playing DS games together. 

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