Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The unschooling Handbook

I just finished re-reading The Unschooling Handbook by Author Mary Griffith. I read it the first time a few months back but sort of in a skimming fashion, not a true sit and really absorb the material. So after having read it "the right way" verses skimming. I have to say, what a fantastic book! Anything I've wondered about unschooling has clearly been covered in this book. For anyone else looking into unschooling I highly recommend it. If you wondered how an older child could unschool, she covers it. If you wondered how do you know they are learning, she covers that too. Definitely a great book to add to a homeschool Mom's library.

The book covers:

  • What is unschooling and how it effectively works. 
  • Resources (some great tips in this book, I even found a great series of books I'd not heard of before to add to our library for Skylar). But there is great reading suggestions for Mom and Dad too. 
  • Having a home with TV or No TV. 
  • How can you tell if they are learning via unschooling. 
  • Examples of unschoolers days, sort of like their typical days. And a bit on how to document if you have a state that requires documentation. Information was shared by 34 unschooling families. Even those with strict state reporting.  
  • How things like reading, writing, math, science, history and the Arts are learned by unschoolers. 
  • Changes as the kids grow older, lots of high schoolers are unschooled. 
  • It has tidbits from unschooled kids shared through out which are always interesting to read. 
  • Coping with doubts and challenges as the unschooling parent. Sort of like when you let any doubt creep in an question yourself, or well well meaning folks make you second guess yourself. 


Sherrie said...

I think I may have to look into this book...sounds like a very good read for those of us who are new to this non-traditional approach to learning/schooling! :)

Melissa said...

Hi Sherrie:
Yes this was a very great read. Definitely worth adding to the home library.

redkitchen said...

I just got The Unschooling Handbook today. I am looking forward to reading it. I am considering unschooling my youngest child who is special needs.

Melissa said...

Oh I hope you enjoy it. I'd love to hear what you think of it.
You might also enjoy reading over at the yahoo group always unschooled which has folks with young children.
I found the archives very helpful.

redkitchen said...

Melissa, I am LOVING what I'm reading so far in The Unschooling Handbook. Also, I've got more unschooling books on the way...thanks to a generous offer from someone who is only charging shipping! Also, since I've started unschooling my little one--even though it's only been such a short time as this past week--she is already blossoming & choosing to learn more. With her needs, I realize now that I just needed to back off & let her explore & learn in her own way & her own timing. Pushing too hard was frustrating for both her & me. I am truly excited to be on this journey with her & to have inspiration such as you give. Thank you for your blog!

Melissa said...

That's great!
I hope you have a great journey!