Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today we:
  • Watched some specials on King Tut, Nefertiti and an the Giant Python. 
  • Played We Cheer and Cars (we just got a replacement remote for the Wii for one that was lost in the great unknown. I'm sure will turn up now that it's been replaced). 
  • Built with pattern blocks at the table. 
  • Decklin played with his little dinosaurs. 
  • Had some discussions about they varying types of berries that sprang from the kids eating grapes with lunch. (which they were pretending were berries)
  • We did family devotions and prayers. 
  • Skylar shared with us more she has learned about ants. 
  • We did family chores. The girls cleaned their room and the loft and brought laundry down for washing. 
  • Played with paper dolls. 
  • Skylar read in bed. 


Sahmmie said...

HeeHee. The great unknown! Reminds me of that song, This is the Stuff, by Francesca Battistelli. My kids laugh and laugh when they hear that song because I'm always losing stuff. They say it was written for me!

Melissa said...

LOL yeah, isn't that the truth LOL.