Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

Here are the platter pictures I've snapped over the past few days:
This was a dinner platter from Monday night. It had unsalted peanuts, organic apple, clementine,  organic tortilla chips and two kinds of salsa, dill pickles, Non GMO cheese and avocado slices. 

This was a breakfast platter from Monday.
On it we had homemade banana bread, organic peanut butter cereal puffs,  orange smiles, organic turkey bacon and one other thing which is really escaping my tired mind at this very moment. 


  • Decklin played with his army men on the bathroom floor while I was in the bath. Then he took a bath and played with his army men inside the bath. 
  • He and I had some nice conversations while I put my make up on while he was playing in the tub. 
  • Skylar helped me prepare breakfast platters and helped choose the items to go on them. 
  • I watched the Fresh Beat Band with Ember. She helped me to do some cleaning. 
  • The kids did their chores. 
  • They made goodbye gifts for my brother's ex-girlfriend who is moving to Germany in a few days. She came over to say goodbye and spent a good bit of the day and into evening here chatting with us. Having tea and dinner with us. We learned how horses get flown from place to place, the type of set up, the quarantine procedure, etc. It was all very interesting. Holy smokes it's costing her over 11,000 to ship her horse. 
  • The older girls played with their new dolls that they picked out as birthday gifts upstairs. 
  • Ember went between watching some Hi 5 (I picked up one of their DVD sets for her since she loves the Fresh Beat band so much and this is similar in format). And sitting on my lap to cuddle with me or chat a bit and off she'd run and lay on the couch and watch TV again. She also climbed onto the couch and took a nap on her own. Her using the potty is going fantastic! She is so proud of herself. 
  • Bry took Decklin to the golf and guitar stores. They were gone quite a while and had a nice day together. They brought home treats for everyone. 
  • I went to bed around 11:30 PM. Bry was up watching TV. Ember went to bed with me. But she was not tired so kept going downstairs to use the little potty and talk to her Dad. I quickly realized that I need to bring that potty up when we go to bed for the night. Duh. 
  • Skylar had some trouble winding down and didn't get to sleep until after midnight. She is burning through her Narnia books. 
  • We did prayers and devotions and prayed for a safe trip for our friend as she leaves on her travels.  
  • The kids helped me make stuffed mushrooms, bake pies, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and homemade gravy using roasted veggies. 
  • We watched a special on the History of the US and they were talking about slavery. It touched emotional cords for us. I found myself crying much through the program and explaining why I was crying to my children. Skylar is appalled that a human could ever be treated in such a cruel way. And she commented often how horrible some humans can be to others. 
  • An advertisement for a Special about the Mayflower came on so they asked if I can tape that. Skylar talked about a book she read that was fiction but talked about the Mayflower. 
  • A commercial for the movie War horse came on a few times and boy each time I burst into tears. We looked up to see if there is a book and sure enough there is. So Skylar has asked to read it. 
  • We watched an episode of Castle and talked about PTSD. 
  • The girls played Barbies a bit and restaurant. 
  • Decklin and Summer played Star Wars on the Wii. 

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