Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday and Friday

  • Kids played with their wooden castles and playmobil people. 
  • Played cars on the Wii. Decklin is getting great at steering around the track. 
  • Played with Safari insects (these are toys : )
  • Summer and Ember separated toy gourds (that I picked up at the dollar store) into baking cups. 
  • Did their chores. 
  • The older girls wrote to penpals and Great Grandmom.
  • Decklin and Ember built with legos.
  • We played with the smack talk app on my Iphone. 
  • Skylar read Ember a story. And on her own she read The Secret Garden. 
  • Summer read Decklin a story.
  • We did family prayers and devotions. 
  • After the littles went to sleep the girls and I played Uno for a while and then watched the Iron Chef Halloween special (Summer fell asleep while we were watching this). Bry stopped home during his lunch to chat with us a bit which was a nice surprise. 
  • Skylar helped me do some holiday shopping for Summer and Decklin. And helped me look through catalogs of things they told her they liked. She helped me gift wrap Summer's birthday gifts. She read The Secret Garden. 
  • Summer helped me wrap Skylar's birthday gifts and did essentially all the wrapping on her own.  Ember helped by handing Summer tape strips. 
  • After we wrapped presents they made a treasure map out of some of the paper and a telescope out of the empty roll.
  • Summer read to the little ones while they took a bath. 
  • Summer and Decklin played Cars on the Wii and actual little hot wheels cars. 
  • I brought home some Potato head toys that I grabbed on sale today. So they played with those for a while. 
  • The girls changed their sheets and helped take the sheets off the beds of the little ones. And we did 
  • Ember cut up paper scraps. 
  • The kids watched Sid the Science Kid and Word World. 
  • Decklin looked at The Bug Book and played dinosaurs at the table. 
  • Decklin and Ember played trains. Ember cleaned up the trains all by herself. 

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