Sunday, November 20, 2011


Today we tried the food platter idea that I read about on Demanding Euphoria. I love the idea of letting kids choose foods and eating when they are hungry. I eat when I'm hungry and letting kids do the same seems a great suggestion. I used to love to eat things like cheese, crackers and grapes or from a selection of veggies and dip or shrimp butter and bread cubes in my teens and into adulthood before I had children. Many nights before we had kids Bry and I would have things like a huge nacho dip for dinner.
: )

I originally wasn't going to be here for lunch so I thought I'd put something together so Bry wouldn't have to worry about making lunch for the kids. And since I had just been on her blog of course a platter seemed to be something great to try.
On the lunch platter they had almonds, raisins, dried cranberries, non GMO whole grain crackers, organic tortilla chips, organic chocolate chips, non GMO cheese cubed, organic chicken cubes, and orange smilies. They asked for seconds on some items.

Later in the day for a snack, I put out some banana bread on a platter for anyone that was hungry.

I made chicken in the crockpot with sweet potatoes but none of the kids seemed amped up to try it.  I went ahead and put a platter together for them and they were happy to give that a try.
On the dinner platter they had finger sandwiches of PB & Organic grape jelly on whole wheat non GMO bread, Organic chicken and non GMO cheese on whole wheat non GMO bread, olives, baby pickled corn, celery with Peanut butter, banana bread, raisins and cranberries and sliced up organic apples. I used cookie cutters to make the mini sandwiches.
Again everything went and the kids said they were happily full.
What I found most interesting about this was that Skylar who has always been a picky eater was thrilled to sit and have a choice of items. And she ate the little sandwiches because she said they were just to cute not to eat them.
Meal time has been a struggle with her many times. And today was just so easy, so effortless meal wise. No one complained, everyone ate happily.
Skylar ate fruits today and veggies. I was so thrilled with that!
Another nice plus was the lack of tons of dishes needing washing after meals.

So let's see, what was the rest of the day like:

  • I did the girls morning routines for them while they were sleeping. I seemed to be in a cleaning mood today so I ran with it. 
  • They played a lot with Barbies, balloons and beans (we have tons of dry beans in containers that they play with - not that we eat, but just for sorting, etc.). They played restaurant. And we played Cook Wars together on the Wii. That is a great family game. We have a lot of fun with that one. (this game also had math problems in it). 
  • The girls made suggestions of foods they'd like to eat this week. And helped me plan our Thanksgiving meal. 
  • Decklin played a balloon game with Bry. 
  • We had tea. 
  • Skylar read some of the Narnia series. 
  • The kids watched some Nick Jr while eating. 


Sahmmie said...

So, you put out the platter of things to choose from and give the kids a plate and let them choose?

My son would love containers of beans to play with. He loves to collect, sort, and organize things, and he thoroughly enjoys containers of all types! I think he just likes to have "stuff" that he can do what he wishes with, and if that means pouring stuff from one container into another, and back again, then so be it!

Melissa said...

I snapped a few pictures from yesterday of our food selections set up on the table so I'll add those to the blog.
It's basically like a party tray that you'd set out for guests really. : )

Oh yes my kids love to play with dried beans. Their favorite is the ham soup mix that comes with all the varying kinds of beans. We got a bunch of containers from Ross and the Dollar store and then when we have empty trader Joes containers I wash and put those in the drawer with all the "bean stuff" : ).

Containers are fun aren't they!
I used to make little gardens with moss, flowers and pebbles with I was a child in things like left over butter containers.

Dee said...

This sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to see the pics! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sahmmie said...

Ooo.. a party for meal time. My kiddos would love that!

Yes, containers are fun, but I do get weary of finding "stuff" spilled out of containers in every nook and cranny of this house! But, they're only kids once and they must be learning something from all of this "container" play, so I let it be.

That's cute about your little gardens... My dc's love to make "soup" with all kinds of outdoor vegetation, using buckets and pails, and my eldest likes to make "potions." It's a joy to watch them, isn't it?