Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday


  • We watched Star Wars. Decklin has been playing this on the Wii and really wanted to see this movie. 
  • Bry went golfing. 
  • We ordered Chinese as a late night snack. 
  • We tidied the house. 
  • Kids played with Bry, board games, Wii games, etc. 
  • We baked chocolate chip cookies. 
  • I know there was more but my mind is drawing a blank right now. 
  • Bry picked my brother up from the airport late at night. 

  • Bry took Skylar for her blood draw. She wasn't feeling well after so she came home and put on her PJ's and lounged on my bed while Summer took a bath in the master bathroom. 
  • Skylar read on the sofa in her PJ's for awhile and tried to take a nap. 
  • Summer and I made lunch platters. 
  • Bry took Decklin out to the mall with him and to run some errands.
  • I played some Wii games with the kids. 
  • We pulled the Christmas decorations from the garage and grabbed the tree. 
  • We put up the Christmas tree and then the kids decorated it on their own (with Bry and I in the room listening to music and chatting with them). 
  • Skylar and Bry went to church. He said it was an amazing service. They told us all about it when they came home. They've been doing a series on Monsters and this last monster in the series was Cookie Monster. Our Pastor talked about being so into God, like Cookie Monster is with his cookies. Bry was pretty moved by the service. I look forward to listening to the podcast this evening. 
  • Skylar finished up reading about The Great Depression and a story about life on the Titanic. 

  • We cleaned the house. Did pet care, ate meals, this is our usual so I don't always jot that down in our days here on the blog. 
  • Decklin, Ember and I worked on de-breeding the garage. 
  • Decklin road his scooter and bike.
  • Ember played with Playdough. 
  • All the kids played zoo. 
  • Skylar used her new friendship bracelet loom. That was hard to figure out so we had to watch a video we found online to figure it out. 
  • Skylar told us what she read about the Great Depression. And I shared about my Grandfather living through it. 
  • We watched the Next Iron Chef America. 
  • We played games. 
  • Skylar read Christmas After All. 
  • We had a danceathon playing a new dancing game on the Wii. 
  • Decklin and I played some games together. 

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