Friday, November 4, 2011

So what's been doing

Things are going really well. I knew going into this that it was me that needed to change not my kids. Change my way of thinking that is. I've just been immersing myself in reading about unschooling and learning a lot.

Over here, it's daily life as usual really. Some days look just like play, other days may seem to have things shout out "educationese" than others,  like crafting, and writing. It may be boring for anyone following along, seeing our days tend to look the same.
Things that are still covered are reading, writing and math, just maybe not everyday and maybe not in a traditional sense.

  • Today the girls wrote to some family members. Summer loves making paper dolls so she made one to send along to Great Grandmom with her letter. We talked about a game she wants to make for Ember out of paper dolls which is a matching by color game. She'd like to do that for her for Christmas.
  • Skylar wrote a letter also and is looking at catalogs right now of games and crafts, etc.  She's still been reading a ton of the Robinson books. She really just loves those. We looked up some information because of questions she had about some of the world wars as it related to specific countries. (She learned about the wars from reading her enjoyable books). 
  • We watched some TV together. 
  • Played some Think Fun games (which are some of the coolest games). 
  • We looked at some catalogs that came in the mail. One was full of all types of neat kits so the girls took time marking things that interested them. Skylar wants to get some rock and gem kits. And Summer wants some things that relate to fashion design. 

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