Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday and Sunday


  • Summer and Decklin played Mario Cart, Cars and We Cheer.
  • Summer went with Bry to pick up her birthday cake. They also went to Petsmart and looked at the animals. 
  • Summer shopped with me on Amazon spending a gift card she received. She budgeted her money and spent accordingly. 
  • The kids went for a walk with Bry. 
  • We cleaned the house / did our daily routines. 
  • Skylar also shopped on Amazon spending a gift card she received. She made a lot of comments on what she felt was to much for an item and what she felt was reasonable. 
  • We found a Caterpillar, held it gently and everyone gave it a gentle pet. Skylar suggested with take a picture so we could figure out what it was. We tried to do that last night but so far no luck.
  • Skylar finished reading The Secret Garden and is now reading A Little Princess. 
  • We did family prayers. 
Happy Birthday Summer!!!
  • We made funnel cake for breakfast. 
  • Decklin and Summer played Mario Cart on the Wii. 
  • Summer opened her presents. My brother came over and my parents watched her open gifts via facetime on his Ipad. 
  • The girls played Barbies (Summer got a new one she wanted to play with). Decklin played Mario cart instead. 
  • We made Shrinky dink jewelry and shrinky dink insects. 
  • Did a quick clean up. 
  • My brother joined us for dinner and after we had birthday cake. 
  • The kids and I played a new game Summer received for Wii, called Cook Wars. We had a lot of fun. 
  • They watched a kids movie and played gift shop. 
  • We read a new book Decklin received by Ken Ham called Dinosaurs for Kids. Decklin especially loved this book. As soon as he opened it he got out his little dinosaurs and started matching them up to the book. I read the book to myself cover to cover. It was a real page turner. 
  • The little ones sat at the table and used fancy craft scissors to cut paper. This is one of their favorite things lately. 
  • Skylar read in bed and played a new DS game Summer received. 
  • Summer played one of her new DS games and read one of her new Magic Treehouse books. 


Sahmmie said...

Those Ken Ham books are fabulous!

Regarding the caterpillar and taking a picture; my kiddos once had a "toad fashion show". They dressed up little toads with leaves as clothes, flowers as hats, etc and we took pictures and videos. It was a blast!

Melissa said...

I definitely plan to add more of his books to our shelf.

Lol a toad fashion show! I love it!