Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Skylar asked for a breakfast platter for everyone so I made one up for the kids to share.

Monday was my bi-weekly shopping trip and this time Skylar was to be my partner in crime. She was excited to pick out the foods for our platter meals.
We didn't realize how busy it was going to be out but every store was packed. But we still had fun. We had lunch out together. At one point, Skylar asked why I was so nice.  I was wondering what I did different that made her comment about niceness. She went on to say that every time we go out to a store. If someone has only a few items I let them go ahead of us. It's not even something I think about, it's just automatic really so when she commented I had to think about why I do that. I thought it was nice that she noticed and appreciated that. She said it was nice the way the people were always so happy just by a simple gesture.
On our way home we picked ourselves up a dunkin donuts decaf coffee. Which was a disappointment because they didn't stir the sugar. Why on why didn't they stir the sugar. And since we were driving and had nothing to stir with, we just had to be patient and wait until we got home to stir our coffee.

  • While Skylar and I were shopping. Bry took the other kids for a nice long walk an and then made them lunch. They played some board games.
  • The house was a bit messy when I came in and Bry apologized for not doing any cleaning (he usuallly does the dishes and tidies up the kitchen when I'm grocery shopping). I'd rather he enjoys the kids than worries about a mess. : ) So I was happy they had some fun. 
  • The girls played Barbies.
  • Skylar and I went to church. It was a wonderful service! It was about monsters. Yes monsters. And this week's monster was Frankenstein. Skylar wants to read the book. She said it was wonderful the way the Pastor told the story. At the end of the service they told us about a toy drive they are doing. It's for children at a local public school located in the lowest income part of town. They do not get any gifts for Christmas. Our church had sponsored the 3rd grade students and would like to give them two presents each. They told us they preferred we pick up card games, puzzles or board games. Things the kids could share with their siblings or parents in play. After service we went and shopped for about 17 items and then came home and gift wrapped them. Skylar said it made her feel good to be able to do something nice for a child that would otherwise not have a toy for Christmas. 
  • We told the rest of the family about the service when we got home. And as is part of our family routine, we did prayers and devotions together. 
  • The kids played. Bry and I talked about unschooling and how he was feeling about it. And if he had a feeling one way or another. We talked about deschooling especially as it relates to us as the parents. And he said though it's odd to get used to. He totally trusts me to do what is right for the kids. We also talked about goals we have as parents. And agreed to keep each other accountable on them. 

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