Monday, November 7, 2011


  • Today was a grocery shopping day. It was Summer's turn to accompany me. We got sushi for lunch and she picked out some treats to bring home. And we chit chatted along the way. She was curious about Japan and we talked about that a bit. She did the check out with the self scan at one of the grocery stores in our travels. We looked at some toys in one of the stores and she gave me feedback on what she thought the other kids would enjoy and what she would enjoy. 
  • While Summer and I were shopping, Bry cleaned the house, did the dishes, vacuumed up and downstairs and the steps. He watched some dinosaur programs with the other kids and they chit chatted. And the kids played at the little tikes table with some of the items from the shelf in the family room, like the pattern blocks, dinosaurs, frog counters, etc. (If the items are in sight they get used often and switching the items on the shelf from time to time keeps things new). 
  • When we came back from the store the kids helped me unload the groceries. 
  • Ember is potty training herself so Bry said she did great with that while I was gone. (She treats herself to GMO free licorice after she uses the potty or a few organic chocolate chips). 
  • We watched Hocus Pocus tonight. Then after dinner we went to church with my brother. 
  • After church we came home did family prayers and then had dessert. The kids went to play together for a bit before going to bed. 
  • Skylar's reading pattern is pretty consistent each night; her bible, devotions, prayer journal, and some of the Robinson books. 

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