Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday and Tuesday


  • We did chores. 
  • Ate some of Summer's left over birthday cake for breakfast. 
  • The girls got their hair curled while we watched The Next Iron Chef.
  • The girls got dressed in their new outfits that my Mom sent them. 
  • We went to one of our favorite restaurants and had a nice lunch/early dinner with my brother. 
  • We took some fun and silly pictures outside the restaurant. 
  • Skylar, Summer and Decklin tried a new steak dish, poblano chicken enchiladas and green corn tamales. 
  • We had homemade ice cream for dessert. 
  • When we came home the kids played for a bit. And then got ready for church. 
  • We went to church with my brother. 
  • Did family prayers and devotions and talked about the church sermon. 
  • The older girls played Queens and Deck Played Mario Cart. 
  • Skylar read A Little Princess. 
  • Summer played Cheer We Go and Wedding Dash on her DS. 
  • Summer woke up at 5:30 AM unable to sleep and watched some Nick Jr until she fell back to sleep. 
  • We did prayers as a family before Bry left for work.
  • Had a family brunch.
  • Did chores and Ember watched the Fresh Beat Band. 
  • Watched Arthur (which I don't care for) and Curious George
  • Had some snacks
  • They played Queens
  • Summer received some of her birthday gifts that she spent a gift card on at Amazon. One of the items was The Great Fairy Rescue for her DS. Which she played for a bit. 
  • Skylar did some shopping on Amazon to spend her gift card (with help of course). She picked out a neat DS game called My House or Our house where you get to design your own house. She loves the show Property Brothers so this seemed like a fun game for her interests in houses and home design. 
  • The 3 younger kids played with the Handwriting without tears roll a dough set I had dug out of a box and put on the shelf in the family room. (Of course when I dug it out the dough that came with it fell and broke all over the garage, grrrr.) But I added some non hardening modeling clay for them to use. 
  • I read Ember and Decklin some of the Eloise Wilkin Stories and Go Dog Go.
  • Skylar read Cinderella to Ember. 
  • We read Devotions. 
  • Skylar, Summer and I stayed up late talking. 
  • Ember did a great job on the potty all day long! Yay Ember! 


Sahmmie said...

What's Queens? A card game?

I've though of buying that roll a dough set from HWOT. I really like their stuff.

Those Eloise Wilkin stories are so very sweet.

Melissa said...

It's actual Queens, like them pretending to be royalty, in this case Queens. : )

We've had the roll a dough stuff since maybe Skylar was a toddler and this is the first time it's really been used by any of the kids. Of course for the past 9 months or so it was packed away lol.

Oh those stories are a delight. Ember just loves them.