Monday, November 7, 2011

A lovely Sunday

Today was a crisp cool fall day. Bry went golfing until early evening. The kids and I stayed inside and enjoyed the day. The kids spent almost the entire day in the family room with me.
What we did today:

  • Watched some Noggin.
  • Some of the kids played with a farm set on the family room floor. 
  • All the kids tried on Christmas outfits my parents sent them. 
  • The older girls went shopping with my Mom long distance over the internet picking out winter coats that they liked. Technology makes it so fun to be able to do things like this (smile). 
  • The older girls made jewelry from a kit we had on the shelf. 
  • Decklin and Ember painted magnets from a kit. And then they used bingo markers to paint pictures and to stamp on their art aprons. 
  • Decklin used the markers after painting as action figures and had a grand old time doing that. 
  • We watched a few shows on Green Planet called Pre-historic. Which sprung into some conversations and observations and play. 
  • They advertised some shows that are about Jesus coming up on Tuesday and Summer and Skylar asked if we could watch them. I set the DVR to tape them. 
  • The older girls used some pattern blocks (you know those ones in varying shapes like the ones that come with a Saxon math kit). They built all kinds of neat things with them. 
  • Because we were watching Dinosaurs on TV one of the kids grabbed Decklin his safari toob of Dinosaurs and he used those to attack the playmobil people the girls were using. 
  • We watched the next Iron Chef show that has a lot of our favorite chefs on it. 
  • The older three played memory with Dad while I put Ember to bed. 
  • We did family prayers. 
  • Skylar read her bible, devotions, a few other books she had placed on her bed for evening reading. 
  • Monday is Summer's day out with me grocery shopping and having lunch so she wanted to go to sleep early. 


michelle said...

Melissa, it sounds like things are going wonderfully. I really enjoy seeing/reading about your days. The kids all look SO happy in that photo above!


Melissa said...

Thanks Michelle.
Oh yea they were having a fun old time : )