Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
We were able to have Bry home with us for dinner. For many years we lived to far from his work area so he was unable to dine with us on holidays if he worked them.
This year it was a treat that he was able to go in late and have dinner with us and a good part of the day with us before heading off to work.

The kids and I had done the bulk of the cooking the day before. So Thanksgiving was a pretty easy day, just needing the turkey to be made and some finishing touches.

We started our day with pie for dessert. And had dinner around 2 PM or so.
After that the girls played Barbie's. And I played some Star Wars on the Wii with Decklin.
We watched the parade in the morning on TV. Ember was so excite to see the Fresh Beat Band in the parade. So that was fun.
The girls did their daily chores after breakfast.
We just enjoyed our day together. They did work on some Thanksgiving crafts. Hand print turkeys, and Ember cut paper strips. She loves cutting paper.
She also sat and looked at a pile of books and I read to her as well.
We did family prayers and devotions. And talked to my family long distance using Facetime on my Iphone.
I know there was more but my mind is drawing a blank right now.
But it was a wonderful day.


redkitchen said...

So glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving!

Melissa said...

Thank you. I hope you did as well : )