Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday and Saturday

  • Decklin and I are having a blast with Star Wars Lego on the Wii. We stayed up far to late playing it last night just because it was such a blast. 
  • We played Just Dance 3 which was so fun. And my arms and legs are so sore from it. Ember is so cute to watch as she does the dances. 
  • Friday was a day of cleaning and laundry with Barbie and Star Wars also in there as well.
  • Some of the kids played several board games with Bry yesterday and some Mario cart on the Wii when Skylar and I went to read for a few hours. Skylar is loving the Narnia Series and reading some Dear America books she received for her birthday. 
  • While Skylar and I were reading we played a bit of a joke on my brother who's house we were reading at. He's away and we moved some things like pictures from one place to the next, barstools to another part of the house. Just to joke with him. The reason being is that all my family knows how I love to re-arrange furniture and we joke about it all the time. He and I had been joking how one day he'd come home to me having moved all his furniture around. 
  • Decklin ran errands with me. He helped me pick out some Christmas gifts for the girls. We had some lunch out together. We went to Petco to get cat food and enjoyed looking at all the small animals, spiders, fish, and birds. And we went and got donuts for the family. 
  • Skylar and Summer did their chores, folded napkins and watched TV with Dad while  Decklin and I were out. 
  • We ordered some Chinese food after watching Guys Diners, Drive ins and Dives. That shows always makes us hungry. 
  • We watched some of the new Star Wars which none of us liked. And we can't wait to watch the original ones so Decklin can see the game we've been playing. 
  • I played Mario cart with Skylar. I am so terrible, but it's fun. We talked and joked.
  • Ember and I watched some Fresh Beat Band. She played Tea party with the girls. And read through piles of books. She played with a smacktalk app on my phone which she thinks is so funny. You talk to it and it repeats what you say in a cute tiny voice that is attached to one of four different kinds of animals that do the movement and have cute little mannerisms as they repeat your words.  
  • Summer did some make up artist designs with a kit she received  yesterday as a birthday gift from my Aunt. Skylar did some interior design with a kit she received. And both girls used a kit Summer had received which was shirt decorating. So last night while Deck and I were playing Star Wars they were on the floor doing that in the loft. These were gifts the girls had picked out from Mindware. 
  • We did family prayers and devotions. 
  • We've been looking at new houses. We are moving within the next two months. And the kids have been helping us decide on what they'd prefer in a new house. 

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