Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birthday week is approaching

We have a birthday week celebration for Skylar and Summer. Their birthdays are just 5 days apart. So it's usually a week where we do fun things.
This year is a bit different since we are not schooling as we had been and instead of days off, it's more a continuation of our regular days with special birthday things thrown in for celebration.

I picked up some fun craft stuff for their actual birthday's since they each like crafting so much. We are going out to a family lunch to celebrate for them on Monday the 14th.
On Summer's birthday I picked up some Shrinky dink jewelry kits for us to do. For Skylar's we are going to make paper bead jewelry. Bry will be home for Summer's birthday but not for Skylar's which falls on his workday.
We might do so some clay stuff on Summer's birthday too since Bry will be home for that.
Summer requested a chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. And Skylar asked for a bundt cake, red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

I downloaded Summer this Happy Birthday song (which you can download for free if they have your Child's name). That should be a fun way to wake up : ).
For Skylar I downloaded her the birthday song by Captain Zoom. I had that as a little kid (it was a little thin tiny plastic record that you put quarters on) and loved listening to it. Again should be something funny to wake up to. I put both songs on my Iphone in my Ipod.  I didn't want to get the kids the same song because that would kind of take away from it I think.

Birthday week is always a good time. : )


Sahmmie said...

I have two kiddos with birthdays 2 days apart, so I know what "birthday week is like!" Like you, I try to make each day special for them even though it would be easier to just celebrate both birthdays at the same time.

Happy Birthday to your girls!!

Melissa said...

Hey There:
I didn't put your other post through as it has your other comment in it as it has your first name in it and I think it was a duplicate of this one.

Oh cool so you have birthday week too!