Tuesday, November 8, 2011

101 Reasons Why I'm an Unschooler

The book 101 Reasons Why I'm An Unschooler by PS Pirro.
I read this in a day on my kindle but it comes as a regular book also. It's set up as the title describes. With 101 reasons broken down in easy to read number format of why the author opted to unschool her children. She has a blog which can be found here.
I think that anyone with kids in traditional school system or who would like to unschool or homeschool in any fashion, would find great insight in this book. The lay out is just very reader friendly.
She is very upfront in the intro that this book details her specific reasons for unschooling. Readers may or may not feel a kinship to all her reasons.

Some of the things I jotted down from this book which I found especially interesting:

Reason 34:
Learning is a natural process. What we gravitate toward is a function of our native curiosity. We keep on learning as long as we remain curious.

"School" undermines native curiosity when it privileges it's own curriculum and timetable over the interests and desires of the student. The message being, the subject of their curiosity is less important than the programmed lesson of the day.

Reason 35:
For a choice to be truly free, one must always be able to refuse to choose. If you can't opt out, it's coercion not choice.

Reason #37:
No one outside of school reads textbooks. People outside of school read real books.

And here are additional notes I took while reading:
  • Unschooling puts the responsibility for creating a satisfying life squarely where it belongs, in the hands of the one living it. 
  • Living differently always requires more thought than living just like everyone else. (this has to be one of my most favorite quotes!)
  • Conventional thinking assumes there is a time and a place for learning. Unschoolers know that learning happens always and everywhere. She goes on to say..... Conventional thinkers assume children must be forced to learn. Unschoolers know that children are unstoppable learners all on their own.
  • She even talks about some famous unschoolers which I found interesting. 
Definitely a book I'd recommend. Not a how to book but if you want a quick read to ignite your interest in unschooling it's a good one to get you started.

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