Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's new pussycat?

Oh my goodness it's been a great few days around here.
Things the kids and I have been doing really have been amazing. Each day that goes by I feel God whispering encouragement in my ear.

It was a huge pain to go to another blog to post what's going on so I'm just sticking with this one. Here is a cliffs notes version of our first week unschooling.
I don't think I said before but should say now that this was not an over night change. It has been a gradual over time progression. The Lord leads us where he wants us in his timing. I'm just happy to be wherever it is he wants me to be.

  • We had some cool discussions and hands on exploration of Gourds. Decklin learned some neat tidbits on them from PBS kids. 
  • Skylar shared her bee knowledge with us as we watched the bees on the bushes out front. 
  • We played games like Mother May I, Red Light Green Light and Simon Says.
  • We took family walks where the kids rode scooters stopping to look at bugs along the way.
  • We had a quick power outage and Decklin (4) read to us when the "please wait" message that they put up on the TV screen came back on. And then as the percentage was loaded on the screen the kids talked a bit amongst themselves about percentages and when it would work again at 100% and how much was needed to still get there (this kept changing so their responses to each other kept changing). 
  • Played some neat Iphone, Wii and DS games. 
  • Skylar read as much as she wished. 
  • Watched cooking shows, PBS and Nick Jr and some movies. 
  • Our dog was not well so the kids helped me take care of her.
  • We had some discussions about mental health issues in humans based off a show we had been watching. Proper animal care, animal abuse, etc., all came from that same show. 
  • We talked about some areas of human health comparing and contrasting differences in certain scenarios. And why people act and behave in certain ways. 
  • All the kids helped with some household things we had to take care of. 
  • We talked about varying animals while the kids played farm on the floor in the family room. They were especially interested if a person could break a zebra or not so we did some digging to find out about that. We also talked in depth about Lions and what the outcome would be of a Lion living on a farm as a cub and then as an adult. 
  • Decklin was playing with some bad guys and policemen on the floor and we talked about Dad's job and how the suspects behave. 
  • We did some holiday planning and discussed the gifts they wanted to give family members. 
  • Skylar wrote to a penpal. 
  • We talked about Sea Urchins. Skylar told us they are a kind of Starfish. We watched them being prepared on a cooking show. (ugh) : ) 
  • Over dessert one night we talked about the difference between ripe fruits and fruits that are not ripe. They did a touch and feel test of what the ripe berry verses non ripe berry felt like, looked like and tasted like. 
  • Ember watched Daddy play Guitar. 
  • We had our family prayer time, and our chit chat after as we always do.  
  • Summer and Skylar got to enjoy a late night cuddled in front of a good TV show.
  • We re-arranged furniture. 
  • I read to Ember. She has quite a sense of humor and was telling me jokes after. She and I watched a kids show that had singing and dancing and boy did she dance. So cute! And we watched Yo Gabba Gabba while she was working on her potty training. 
  • Used our Math-u-see blocks
If you read my blog before you'll see that things like this are typical around here and I post about them from time to time. The only thing which changed was that we didn't do the 1/2 hour of seatwork and the 1/2 hour of reading. Did the kids still read? Absolutely but not because it was on a schedule.

I think that's about the nuts and bolts of it.

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