Thursday, October 27, 2011

What are your goals for today ?

Something I've noticed in my research is that in some unschool circles they are very vocal about things an unschooler doesn't do. Rules really for unschooling, which seem like an oxymoron to me. Anyway I think you just do what feels right. That's all I can do, what feels right for my children. It may mean keeping bedtimes and chores because that works for our family. 
Another thing I had trouble finding was what they actually do, beyond "The kids learn what they want to learn". Some Moms need more of a starting step, something concrete to get them on their way. (um I'm some of the Moms LOL)

I came across this FAQ at this website:  it has an article by Carol Burris called What is this thing called unschooling?  In her article Ms. Burris says she would start each day over breakfast asking her children:
"What are your goals for today? What's the most important thing that we should get to?" That sort of sets the tone of our unschooling and of our day. What we do each day comes from the children as much as possible. "
I think this one bit of advice is a fantastic concrete step for anyone to follow on this journey. Maybe if you're reading this and thought of unschooling, it'd be of help : ).

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Sherrie said...

I'm behind on your blog, so I'm just now reading this. However, I's a great idea. In fact, we've been "experimenting" with Fun School for over a month now. I've had to re-assess and change things a few times. One of the most recent changes is that Caleb has to "plan" his week. It's not what ALL unschoolers will need to do, but it's what HE needs to do. I have all of the subject areas (Math, English/Brain, Reading/Magazine, Science, Social Studies, Bible, Art, and PE). He has to decide what he will do for the week in each area. It can be a new activity each day in each area or one big activity in that a report, project, etc. this worked well the first week we implemented it, and I'm hoping/thinking it'll continue to work well. That's the main thing I've have to do what is BEST for YOU and YOUR family...not what others deem NORMal. :)