Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My 4 year old's "schooling"

This is a copy and paste from an internet forum I posted it on. I copied it and have added a few things that are more applicable since I'm posting them here on my blog. 

Something you see online a lot is homeschoolers asking what to do with preschoolers. When I see that now I cringe a bit : ). But many years back I was the one pondering that same concern. I have learned a lot during our years homeschooling. I can see it as I look back over our years. I do not have any regrets. Everything we have or haven't done has led us right here. God has always put us where he wanted us to be. : )

So back to Decklin. With him I have never done anything formal. I did "write up a preschool plan to use with him" but never made it past a few days of it. : ) It's here in the links on the sidebar.  He and my 2 year old, Ember,  I'd say for the most part have been unschooled all along.  This without any actual decision on my part to do that, just happened naturally, which maybe is the best way. My approach with my younger two has been completely different from when my older two were similar ages.

Reflecting on how things have been for my younger two has helped me a lot in moving to complete unschooling. So with that in mind I'm much farther in than I originally would have thought : ). But my mind still needs to unlearn some things I'd been doing with my olders.

So for Decklin, who will be 5 in December. 
  • I read to him some days, some days I don't. 
  • He brings me Alphaphonics some days and says "I want to learn to read Mom" and some days he doesn't. 
  •  He learned his "phonics" from playing Starfall on no specific schedule and only as he asked to use it over the past two years. 
  • We play games at least once a week. Sequence, Toy Story Yatzee and things of that nature. 
  • He plays the Wii with his big sisters on a regular basis and all types of free play, anything they come up with really. 
  • He enjoys some PBS kids shows and Nick Jr shows. We watch Shows like Top Chef, Chopped and other shows of that nature. 
  • He loves Dinosaurs from learning about them on TV and loves talking about them. So much so that we are getting him some books about them since he doesn't have any yet. 
  • He plays Iphone games, DS games and Leapster Games. 
  • He looks at piles of books and plays with the "educational" things we have set up on the shelf in our family room when he wants. I say educational in quotes because really, they are just fun things I put together for the kids to use and they learn while using them. But them being educational or not was not a priority, just that they are fun. 
  • He enjoys looking at cookbooks with rich pictures in them and plans feasts from what he sees. Big sister is a huge cookbook fan so this is something he learned from her. 
  • He loves hitting golf balls with his Dad and they do that often. He asks my husband to take him to the range or into our self made golf practice area. He likes to sit and watch golf with Dad (not sure how LOL) but he enjoys it. 
  • Our little guy has an amazing imagination, so much so that we always ask him if we can live in his imagination. He finds the odds and ends and plays with them in such creative ways. The older kids and I often stop and take notice. We can't help but  comment, about how creative he is. 
If I had done say Sonlight with him (which is what I did with my older girls at this age), I really would not have covered things he has covered on his own out of following his own interests just living his life. More likely than not, I would have just taken time away from him doing what he was doing and gotten in his way. Don't get me wrong, Sonlight is fantastic of course : ). 

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