Monday, October 10, 2011

Learning Moments

Having the kids at home is such a huge treat for me as their mom.  It's hard to put into words how much of a blessing and true pleasure being able to homeschool them is, how effortless, natural  and comfortable home learning is for our family. To be able to share in so many special moments I'd miss otherwise is a true gift I am truly thankful for. 

The other day we had one of those days where learning moments seemed to be jumping up and saying "take note of me". We started our day with breakfast then chores. Then the kids went outside to play and spotted some ants on the patio. All four of them sat and watched them forever. I had to watch too, as Skylar has made ants pretty much one of the most fascinating critters ever, since sharing about all she's read about them. She has us all so enthralled with them! 
We fed them bread crumbs and watched as they began to pile up their food. A centipede shot across the patio while we were watching the ants and some friendly little pill bugs were at the party too.
The kids picked leaves for our fall nature table and cut roses from the bushes for our dinner table.
And no day is complete without a fun We Cheer game where even our little 2 year old is dancing around having a blast. 

**I was just re-reading this post and to me this was a day of natural learning. 

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