Thursday, October 27, 2011

Learning little snippets

As I go I am picking up little snippets that seem to be very informative:

  • The deschooling will take as long as it will take. If that means more TV watching, more video games, and days that look like just play, it's all part of the process. They won't want to watch TV all day over time. I'm reminded of a living example we had, when all the kids caught a pretty nasty cold, but passed it one at a time. They relaxed in front of the TV for a few days with pillows and blankets. But one by one each of them said eventually, gosh I am so sick of TV already. : ) The novelty of more TV access will wear off.                                                                          
Even though the kids haven't been in traditional school, they were still used to us having school in some fashion. Though the past year was just an hour requirement, it was a requirement I put on them, not all of it stuff they would have been drawn to if I gave them a choice of if/when or not at all.
    • Differences in the types of unschooling: This was good to come across because I needed some further explanation about it. So unschooling is joyful learning. Radical unschooling is joyful living and learning. So radical is a whole life approach. There are unschoolers who still have their kids do set chores, bedtimes, etc. And tend to confine free exploration and discovery to academics. Radical unschoolers extend unschooling principles into parenting. 


    redkitchen said...

    I think you're right about the TV thing. Pretty soon your kiddos will be up & going & off on their own learning adventures. :)

    Melissa said...

    I should say and I didn't in the post that my kids really are not big TV watchers.

    Skylar (9) is not really big into electronic games. She always goes for a book first and a puzzle second. Just the other day she said to Decklin (4) and Summer (7), oh play your silly games, let them rot your minds. And I had a huge, oh no moment. I've said that before. I was ashamed I'd ever said that.