Friday, October 28, 2011


I read somewhere yesterday on an unschooling site that unschooling does not have to mean no schedule. I think a lot of people, myself included, tend to assume that it meant an entirely free flowing day. But what it really means is that there is no scheduled Math time, Spelling time, Reading time, type of break down to the child's day. The belief is that the child is learning all the time. And not through traditional methods. It doesn't mean a child won't use a math book. But if they are, it's because they enjoy it and wish to use it.

Last night the girls and I talked about just a few key things of what they did yesterday.
These key words:
I read, I wrote, I cleaned, I created, I would like. And asked them in a casual non quiz conversational type of way about each.

Skylar (9):
I Read: Rainbow Valley and the words on the Hoarders show
I wrote: Card for Great Grandmom
I created: The card using stamps
I cleaned: Up the stamps (and did my chores)
I would like to: Learn to make friendship bracelets

For Summer (7)
I Read: Dark Day in the Deep Sea. Wii games: Baby game, Cooking Mama & We Cheer
I wrote: A card for Grandmother
I created: With stamps
I cleaned: I did my chores
I would like to:  Buy More Magic Treehouse books

This was a nice help to see what they might be interested in doing so I can make sure I can provide it / am providing it. Be that more Magic Treehouse books or a Friendship bracelet making kit. It's sort of like asking them their goals for the day but in a different approach. I knew they read while watching the show or playing the games since I knew reading was required. The reading they told me about was the books.

  • Today Skylar received a book on Ants from Amazon. I had ordered it for her b-day but it was a used copy and I was not happy with the condition in which it arrived so opted to offer it to her early. We cleaned the library cover and she dove right in. She read several chapters and looked up at me. And said, "Mom this is a great book". And while the other kids went to play later she opted to sit on the swings outside in the quiet and read. When she came in she told me all about what she read. I asked her on the fly if she wrote today. She giggled and said, can I write what I did today. Hey writing is writing : ). 
  • We did a lot of cleaning today. We had gotten behind over the week with our household tasks. Bry was snoring something awful so my sleep was not restful and the last thing I wanted to do was run around cleaning when I felt like I was running on fumes. So we all did the top floor and then after lunch we all did the bottom floor. 
  • The girls asked if they could pack away their summer clothes. We all hung out in their room while they did that. I helped them fold and re-arrange drawers. They played a sock match game. And we listened to some music (I sang, they giggled). We talked about a new person on The Fresh Beat Band TV show. So we looked up what happened to the former Marina. And they told me how they felt about the new one (not fond of her). That led into them wanting to know how old those actors are so we looked that up. And they thought it was comical that a person as old as my brother would be playing a guy named Twist or Shout on TV. 
  • We put a different kids table in our family room (where a coffee table would go for most families). They played there for quite a while with some of the "educational" stuff I have set up for the littles in cubbies in the family room. 
  • They watched the Backyardigans and I think one episode of the Fresh Beat Band but that's about all the TV they did today. No one really picked up a DS, Leapster or Iphone. Decklin like's playing his leapster before bed until he falls asleep. He is being given his own DS for either Christmas or birthday from my parents. 
  • Right now as I am typing, I hear them playing box ball. Using a box and a little basketball to play. 
  • I made some popcorn and they ate that in the loft while watching a Nick Jr show. 
  • Ember grabbed Green Eggs and Ham that she was planning to look at. I offered to read to her which made her happy. She loves her stories. We read the book together (she knows many of the words). She's two. And we read Goodnight Gorilla.   

So that was the bones of our day.


Daisy said...

Sounds like a great day. I love how you listed the girls activities..

I read...
I created..

Great idea.

Melissa said...

Thanks Daisy : )

Jennifer said...

Love it! It's great to see how the flow of the day happens naturally. My kids are always interested in actors too. They'll ask me to look someone up on imdb (.com or iphone/ipad app). We bought one of the Imagination Station books which my dd9 read in one day so I think we'll get some Magic Tree House books next.

Melissa said...

: ) funny Jen.

I just received some of the Imagination Station books that I'm giving Summer for Christmas. They seem to be similar in writing style to Magic Treehouse.

Summer reads the Magic Treehouse in one day too. And reads them over and over again. : )