Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Robinson - Transitioning to unschooling

I've redone this post. I've changed the title which used to say, Robinson working for unschoolers. I used to think that the way we did Robinson was unschooling. Now that we are farther into unschooling there is no way I could see doing any curriculum at all, followed loosely or not, and label it unschooling.
Dr. R used a lot of Child led (which is often times how unschooling is thought of) and it was how I thought of it too. Because that's what my kids did, a lot of child led interest pursuit when they were not doing the hour of work I asked of them.  Child led is more hands off, where unschooling is very parent involved. It's the most parent involved way of homeschooling I've encountered in the past 8 years. 

The bulk of the education Dr. Robinson's children obtained using his method, was not while they were seated behind their desks. His children did only 5 hours of school work and the only "formal" thing they did was their math. Their writing was writing anything they wished to write about (he speaks in one place about heartfelt notes he received from his children from their writing time). Their reading was just fantastic books he hand picked for one reason or another, and any additional books they wanted to. (Even though we are not doing Robinson per say any longer, Skylar loves his book list and reads from it because of the great books). Then the rest of their days were spent doing things like taking apart ham radios, exploring their farm and other pursuits of their interest and their science until upper levels was done through their own interests in recreational time. 

Robinson led me to where we are now. Robinson helped me make the transition so much more easily than if I had been using a formal curriculum.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I found this neat printable resource of checklists that you customize!

I love checklists for chores. Here is the link for them. It's free of course and you can create all kinds of lists to keep you on task.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We just rearranged the school room

Since we craft a lot it seemed to make way more sense to move our school table to what would be the "formal" dining area to a family other than ours. Since we have the tile and can mop up any mess easily. Clay on the tile comes off, clay on the rug, ah not so simple. 
I'll post some updated pictures when I snap some : )

Friday, July 8, 2011

We went on a surprise field trip today

Bry surprised us by taking the day off. We went and saw some fantastic sea and land animals, had a delightful and tasty lunch at a Top Chef restaurant and just had a lovely day out as a family.
And in true homeschool family fashion, our day out was a day of learning.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

math alternatives to text based learning

Math Alternatives to Text Based Learning

Math (as of July 2011)

We've put a full stop on our Christian light Education math adventure. We had a while last year where we did math in our own way, it's titled "Unschooling math" and slowly but surely the crutch of workbooks and texts we had used before found their way back into our rotation where now we have recently found ourselves using CLE with their flash cards (though still doing the math games for fun times together). But I want math, all of math to be a fun adventure! I want it to be something the kids connect to their lives not just a book you have to sit through to answer problems or facts that have to be mastered.
Don't get me wrong, CLE is a great program. My girls have been doing great with it. So why  fix what might not seem broken? Because it is broken in my mind if they are not having fun doing it. Our schooling is to be an enjoyable journey, nothing to suffer through over here.

So while we wait for our Life Of Fred books to arrive the girls are doing a mix of:

-Random color by number sheets of facts/fact families/math concepts.
-The Number Devil (Skylar read this, enjoyed it and is happy to read it again)
-Playing our math games

There are other great math re-sources for others who don't want to use something traditional. I'm going to post those separately for any who may be interested.
Happy Homeschooling!