Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some fun things for preschoolers/toddlers

I just put a quick list together for a friend of some of the things in our preschool work box / workbaskets and thought I'd copy and paste it here:

-Playfoam (this is easier than playdough to pick off of carpet and does not dry or harden)
-Play dough with some tools, especially those playdough scissors (all done over a box or tray to keep things neat)
-Puzzles (the ones with the wood knobs are great for younger kids or the big wood cube that has the shapes that you put into them)
-My 4 year old loves file folder games. Some I printed free offline and others I made on my own using posters that I bought from Rainbow Resource for maybe $1 each. Then I laminated them and put them in a file folder. I did one for numbers and colors that he loves.
-Homemade bolt board. This is a scrap of wood that we made so my son can use a small screwdriver and put bolts in and out of it.
-Homemade clay and golf tees to hammer into the clay. We got non hardening modeling clay, used a notepad memo cube (ours happened to be golf theme) added golf tees to it and found a small hammer that Decklin had for another toy.
-Scraps of paper with hole punches
-Color wonder makers and paper sets
-Lacing beads and lacing cards
-Mighty minds
-Lauri toddler and preschool pack (love these as they are not made in china LOL)
-Safari toobs (these are made in china but lead free and non toxic). Come in varying animals, insects and varying playsets.
-Fun felt (Decklin has the dress up bear felt set). I'm getting Ember the toddler book so we can take that to church for her.
-Kumon About 2 books (cutting, pasting, etc)
-Funtastic Frogs from Rainbow Resource (with activity cards). Decklin loves these!
-Brainquest Write and Erase sets (Amazon has these)
-Aquadoodle with a paint brush
-Colored toothpicks to put through holes I made in an old butter container
-Colored rocks (those kind you'd use in decorative items) they use these to put from one container to another and sort them by color, etc.
-Ember has an Alphabet Abacus that has pictures on one side and the letter on another.
-Stacking cups for Ember. I like the ones by Green Toys I think it is and my Mom got us some from Ikea also.
-Ember has rolling turtles by Haba that have three in a set and then the balls come off the turtles back.
-Haba fruit and veggies (sorting these is fun for the kids)
-From Curriclick for Decklin I got him a few really neat things:
1. Glue sheets (these are neat as Decklin uses glue to fill the dots.) here is the direct link:
2. More Glue sheets here is the direct link for that:
(they have a bundle of both on sale for $5 I saw today when I was there). Even the older kids like these for fun because who doesn't love playing with glue LOL.
-Mini cupcake pans with large cotton balls and tongs. Kids put them in and take them out with tongs.
-Dried pasta in varying colors. (They sort these by color or shape)
-Felt play food, like sandwiches to build, pizza slices to decorate. (I got these from
-Ispy bags (also got these from Etsy) - We take these to church since it keeps them both so busy but your crafty and might be able to make something like this yourself.
-Small white boards with wipe off markers and eraser
-Small chalk board with chalk and eraser or wet sponge
-Leapster and other leapfrog items
-water colors with qtips (can use old eye shadow or make up you don't like either)
-Varying bare books (, for coloring, tracing stencils, etc.
-Sorting activities using beans, colored marbles, shapes, etc. and using spoons, tweezers, chopsticks and tongs.
-Flower arranging (I got a bunch from the dollar store and cut them into single flowers with long stems for fun arranging)
-Pouring activities of water from tiny pitchers to larger ones or into bowls
-A spray bottle filled with water and a dishpan to spray in (my 2 year old loves spray bottles LOL)
-bean count cards (these are cards I printed with the number and a dot or circle that matches the number on the card) and my kids use beans to fill the circle to correspond with the number on the card.
-Cutting pictures from magazines to make their own collages with glue. (with a child who is doing phonics I've had them hunt and find for things starting with certain letters).
-Wood block shape sorter
-mini laundry basket (got ours from dollar store) and picked up 12 small balls in a pack, also from the dollar store. The kids can toss these into the basket. They put the basket on the steps and play a little version of basket ball : ).

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