Friday, June 10, 2011

New school room pictures

Today the kids and I spent the day (well some of the day) getting our playroom and school room in order. In our new house (since Feb) we've done school in the kitchen. But today I got sick and tired of the way the school room and playrooms were looking, especially as these are the first rooms guests see when they come over.
I also organized the preschool workbox/basket items into easy to access set up for both my younger kids. 

Close up of two year olds items. 

My two year olds items are in this easy access basket. 

This a holding area for extra items for any items for the youngers boxes. 

Playroom (on floor plan this is the formal dining room)

Enough books for now but didn't unpack all of them for now. 

Over by the railing is the preschool workbox materials.

This is a close up of my son's activity bags.
They are in Gallon size Ziplock bags. 
These are the items my 4 year old uses just a close up of the bags. 

On the wall of windows is the older girls workboxes. This room would be the formal living room for others.


Denise said...

This is what I have been needing to do too! We don't have a big house, but I do need to get our school/play/guest room put together so it is functional and inviting. We are starting with the RC on Monday and I really need to get a space for my 12 year old to work.

Melissa said...

Hey Denise : )
My older girls each have a desk in their room also. They tend to go in waves. While most days liking to be around a community table, other times have been on the sofa, outside sitting under the trees and then sometimes just on their beds or on our loft floor.
Good luck getting started! So much fun to be had for you guys! You will just love how natural RC is. I'd love to hear how your first day goes!