Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life of Fred Elementary math is now out!

I've been patiently waiting for this to be released. I think Skylar will love using this for math. It's math in story format, not using text or workbooks.
Here are some links to read more about it:

Life of Fred


Dee said...

Wish I had a little one to buy them son is passed the beginning stages, or at least I think so. Just wanted to let you know that I found this great kindle book that I thought you might like...maybe you have it already, but just in case:

Melissa said...

Hey Dee, it says for grade 3-6 on the Rainbow Resource description page for these, not sure if that would be applicable for you, but maybe.

Neat, I look forward to reading over the site in detail.
Thanks so much for passing it on! : )

Dee said...

oh kewl, I'll check out the samples and see if they appeal to Joshua (old man in a small child's body LOL!). My older son did the decimals and fraction books and loved them! He needed a little bit more direction with the Algebra, so we dropped the Algebra, but he never got over how clever the stories of Fred were.

When I read over the little book at that woman's website, I thought of you and how you teach math and all subjects to your children. :) The author makes so many good points about not getting hung up on grade levels and assuring that basics are thoroughly taught.

Melissa said...

LOL old man in a small child's body, too funny! : )

There are four books so far in the elementary set so maybe he'd not need the beginning books and could jump ahead to the 3rd or even the 4th.

I just finished looking around at that Mom's site. I am reading that math book now on google books and am pretty sure I'll order it from Amazon also. It's a deal for under $7 for sure : ). My 7 year old really likes CLE so much for math but I'd love her to use LOF also. She said she will see what she thinks when it arrives, so at least there is that LOL.

Thanks again!