Monday, May 30, 2011

I've been doing great with accountability

As a family we now have a set time where we sit together each night before bed and have prayer time and reading time.
Everyone takes turns reading as well.
Right now, SJ (7) reads to us from A Child's First Bible. I picked this up to read to my two little ones and it's become part of our night time routine.

SR (9) reads to us from Jesus Calling for Kids. This book is so wonderful. They also make one for adults as well. Both are beautiful books and would make a lovely gift. Their are entries for everyday, undated so you can use them over and over as part of your devotion time.

DV (4) is not reading yet but he tells us stories about God and the bible from his head. It's so cute when he tells us.

EL (2) she likes us to read Good Night Moon or Time for Bed so either Bry or I read one or both.

And I read from The Power of a Praying Kid. And then we start our prayer time.
We are enjoying this time together so much that last night the kids and I talked about doing prayers to start our day out also.

We've been doing great with keeping on task with keeping up with the house also. Not going for model clean here, just neat and tidy as it can be. We spend 45 minutes per day together doing our chores.

I still need to get the Children's hour (time devoted to just doing something fun with the kids) set in stone, I'm working on that. We've been sitting outside, and having fun playing horse shoes, catch and water gun fights. We've also committed to some craft or art time weekly. I had signed my older two up for a class but after talk with Bry and prayers, we opted to remove them from that. So we spent some time this week making some air dry clay figures at home which was a huge mess but so fun. We are going to paint them this week.

I've been reading some great books. Two I'm really Enjoying are She's Gonna Blow and Prayer does it make any difference.


redkitchen said...

Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job. I read She's Gonna Blow a few years, it helped me so much! I still reflect on things that I read in that book.

Melissa said...

Thanks : )
Yes that book has some great advice huh?
I love the part about making sure to tell your kids how they have blessed your life. Nice reminder to make that a point. I'm starting notebooks for my girls that I write to them in. And that they write me back in. Will make a nice keep sake I think.

Dee said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job, Melissa! Way to go! Your grounding them in family time with the Word of God will really stay with them for years to come...and it sounds like your routines are really coming along, much faster than my routines ever did. I swear it took me about a year before I had the fly lady routines all set and automatic.

Dee :)

Melissa said...

Thanks Dee : )
I have a few of the Maxwells books on my list of must reads now. I love their view on parenting in regard to Keeping their Children's hearts : ).

Yes the routines are coming along great. I think the 45 minutes with all of us working each day is really the best fit for us. It flies by and after the house is tidy we can then enjoy the fruits of our labor. LOL

I just spent some time laminating my morning, daily and evening routines to keep in my Motivated Moms binder (this is just a one page small size). I wanted some pretty ones to keep in varying places in my house. My only complaint about Motivated Moms would be the daily checklist set up, so I made myself a daily checklist to go along with each day of the week on a one page spread. I three hole punched it and put it with the MM list. That way I get to check off what I accomplish from my standard routines that I created from Flying as well as the additional tasks that MM has listed. Though I do cross off a few of the MM tasks since they are not applicable for us or I should say that I don't think they are anyway LOL. This mix works better than the zones. I never ever did zone cleaning LOL.