Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A heartbreaking story

My parents were visiting and my Mom and I were watching an episode of Vanished which is a show hosted by Beth Holloway. She is the mother of Natalie Holloway who vanished in Aruba without a trace. My heart of course goes out to Beth and we pray for her and for Natalie.
There was a specific case shown in this episode about a young woman named Amy Bradley. My Mom and I were so touched by what happened to Amy. It really hit our hearts. I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears just flowed when I reflected about what they shared in the show. She was on a cruise with her parents. One they said on the show that she really was lukewarm on going on. From that cruise, she then vanished on March 24, 1998. She shares her birthday with my younger brother and would be 37, the same age as myself right now. It is believed that Amy is still alive and being held against her will.
After the show we sat as a family and prayed for Amy. I thought of the things she has missed as I looked around at my husband and children and sat on my sofa holding my baby. My heart aches for Amy for the life that has been stolen from her.
At church on Sunday we submitted prayer requests for Amy and will continue to do so until Amy comes home.

Our family has felt the healing power of prayer and I have no doubt that God will hear our voices as we join others in prayer for Amy. Please add Amy to your daily prayer time.

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