Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A heartbreaking story

My parents were visiting and my Mom and I were watching an episode of Vanished which is a show hosted by Beth Holloway. She is the mother of Natalie Holloway who vanished in Aruba without a trace. My heart of course goes out to Beth and we pray for her and for Natalie.
There was a specific case shown in this episode about a young woman named Amy Bradley. My Mom and I were so touched by what happened to Amy. It really hit our hearts. I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears just flowed when I reflected about what they shared in the show. She was on a cruise with her parents. One they said on the show that she really was lukewarm on going on. From that cruise, she then vanished on March 24, 1998. She shares her birthday with my younger brother and would be 37, the same age as myself right now. It is believed that Amy is still alive and being held against her will.
After the show we sat as a family and prayed for Amy. I thought of the things she has missed as I looked around at my husband and children and sat on my sofa holding my baby. My heart aches for Amy for the life that has been stolen from her.
At church on Sunday we submitted prayer requests for Amy and will continue to do so until Amy comes home.

Our family has felt the healing power of prayer and I have no doubt that God will hear our voices as we join others in prayer for Amy. Please add Amy to your daily prayer time.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I've been doing great with accountability

As a family we now have a set time where we sit together each night before bed and have prayer time and reading time.
Everyone takes turns reading as well.
Right now, SJ (7) reads to us from A Child's First Bible. I picked this up to read to my two little ones and it's become part of our night time routine.

SR (9) reads to us from Jesus Calling for Kids. This book is so wonderful. They also make one for adults as well. Both are beautiful books and would make a lovely gift. Their are entries for everyday, undated so you can use them over and over as part of your devotion time.

DV (4) is not reading yet but he tells us stories about God and the bible from his head. It's so cute when he tells us.

EL (2) she likes us to read Good Night Moon or Time for Bed so either Bry or I read one or both.

And I read from The Power of a Praying Kid. And then we start our prayer time.
We are enjoying this time together so much that last night the kids and I talked about doing prayers to start our day out also.

We've been doing great with keeping on task with keeping up with the house also. Not going for model clean here, just neat and tidy as it can be. We spend 45 minutes per day together doing our chores.

I still need to get the Children's hour (time devoted to just doing something fun with the kids) set in stone, I'm working on that. We've been sitting outside, and having fun playing horse shoes, catch and water gun fights. We've also committed to some craft or art time weekly. I had signed my older two up for a class but after talk with Bry and prayers, we opted to remove them from that. So we spent some time this week making some air dry clay figures at home which was a huge mess but so fun. We are going to paint them this week.

I've been reading some great books. Two I'm really Enjoying are She's Gonna Blow and Prayer does it make any difference.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Skylar's health

We had a bit of a scare the other day with Skylar. Thankfully we were able to get her in to see her specialist and he determined the problem. She had a slight medicine change and had to get an x-ray on Friday which came back good.
Boy she and I were praying like crazy all the way to the doctor and also for the hour and 45 minute wait we had (with an appointment).
We feel very lucky that things turned out okay. Praise the Lord!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Ember!

Our little Ember Lily turned 2 today!
Yesterday we took her for a little celebration lunch. Today we opened her presents and she is playing with the kids. As I type she is "yelling" down the steps that she would like a drink.

Happy Birthday sweetie!