Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This has been a week of re-evaluation. I see that some habits have not stuck as much as I like. Flylady being one of those. I still do my Flylady routines but I see some steps that have given me trouble are because I didn't give it long enough to become automatic. So I've decided to strip down my Flylady routine and start with the baby steps all over again. Step 1 being, keeping the kitchen sink shiny and empty. I re-read her article about how long it took her to make things automatic and that has given me some great perspective to slow myself down.

Another habit I've not stuck with is limiting sweets, seconds and snacks (the No "S" diet). I noticed this the other day as I was eating red licorice from Trader Joes, not because of being hungry (as if licorice is what I should be eating when I'm hungry anyway LOL), but just because it was there.
So today is my first day, hopefully back on the No "s" wagon. Two of the kids woke up early with me and we went for a nice brisk walk with Alice (our dog). Kids road their scooters and I walked my little dog, not at the normal sight seeing pace when we usually take our walks. Walking at least 15 minutes a day in the morning with Alice is another habit I need to stick with.

I also really have to address devoting time for me to read the bible and other books that I find of inspiration to me as a woman, wife and mother. Lately I've just been so tired at night and don't get to my reading. I'm making a new habit of reading during the afternoon. There are many times the kids are off and playing and instead of devoting this time to my reading, I get on the computer, opt to do some cleaning, or watch tv and tidy the kitchen. I get things done sure, but at the end of the day not getting to God's word and the other books of special importance, leaves me feeling empty and unfinished, if that makes sense. It's really not an easy job for those of us who are stay at home Mom's. I always want to make sure to have time to really connect with my children and husband. To keep my house tidy, and cook food I feel good about giving my family. And yet something so simple as finding just an hour to sit and read, something that should be such a joy and so little effort with great reward, somehow seems to be the hardest thing to accomplish.

I added a neat app this morning to my Iphone, called Habit Tracker. This looks like a neat way to make things automatic, as flylady puts it.
So I've added my reading time, keeping my sink shiny, not shopping (this is for items that are not needed, just wants), and then sticking to the No "S" way of eating.

So now I'm off to do my reading time. : )


Paige said...

Hey Melissa,

I was just catching up on your blog. I was wondering what exact app it was that you were using. I did a search for Habit Tracker and nothing came up under that specific title. I found one called The Habit Factor but before I spend any money I thought I'd ask you first.

Sorry to hear about Skylar's health scare but praising Jesus that it was resolved quickly.

Love your blog,

Melissa said...

Hey Paige thanks so much!
Sure the app appears to be called Habit breaker. It shows a black background with a happy green face and a sad red face. When you open the app thought it says "habit breaker". Let me know if you can't find it and I'll post a link to it.