Saturday, April 30, 2011

A wonderful day

Yesterday we had a great day. I got up early and baked some banana cake for breakfast. Then the kids and I headed to the park. What we didn't realize was that there was a private school field trip there at the same time and wow that was quite something to see. My kids were pleased they didn't have to be a part of such a large gathering.
They had fun when they could get on the playground equipment and while playing soccer with a few kids from our homeschool group for a bit.
Bry came and met us at the park and after we were too cold to stay any longer (very breeze day) we headed out to take the family to lunch. We had a nice lunch together, milkshakes and burgers. After we got home the kids and I took Alice for a long walk.
Everyone was totally wiped by the time we made it home. We all got some color on our cheeks, and we all got some nice exercise.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bry's birthday

We had a very fun evening together. We went to a fantastic restaurant. The food was so good you simply wanted to lick your plate. LOL

Even our 7 year old tried Maui Maui with a lobster butter sauce, LOL.

It was a great time and they made it so special for Bry.
The kids asked if they can go for their birthday meals. : )
We will definitely be going back there again.


This has been a week of re-evaluation. I see that some habits have not stuck as much as I like. Flylady being one of those. I still do my Flylady routines but I see some steps that have given me trouble are because I didn't give it long enough to become automatic. So I've decided to strip down my Flylady routine and start with the baby steps all over again. Step 1 being, keeping the kitchen sink shiny and empty. I re-read her article about how long it took her to make things automatic and that has given me some great perspective to slow myself down.

Another habit I've not stuck with is limiting sweets, seconds and snacks (the No "S" diet). I noticed this the other day as I was eating red licorice from Trader Joes, not because of being hungry (as if licorice is what I should be eating when I'm hungry anyway LOL), but just because it was there.
So today is my first day, hopefully back on the No "s" wagon. Two of the kids woke up early with me and we went for a nice brisk walk with Alice (our dog). Kids road their scooters and I walked my little dog, not at the normal sight seeing pace when we usually take our walks. Walking at least 15 minutes a day in the morning with Alice is another habit I need to stick with.

I also really have to address devoting time for me to read the bible and other books that I find of inspiration to me as a woman, wife and mother. Lately I've just been so tired at night and don't get to my reading. I'm making a new habit of reading during the afternoon. There are many times the kids are off and playing and instead of devoting this time to my reading, I get on the computer, opt to do some cleaning, or watch tv and tidy the kitchen. I get things done sure, but at the end of the day not getting to God's word and the other books of special importance, leaves me feeling empty and unfinished, if that makes sense. It's really not an easy job for those of us who are stay at home Mom's. I always want to make sure to have time to really connect with my children and husband. To keep my house tidy, and cook food I feel good about giving my family. And yet something so simple as finding just an hour to sit and read, something that should be such a joy and so little effort with great reward, somehow seems to be the hardest thing to accomplish.

I added a neat app this morning to my Iphone, called Habit Tracker. This looks like a neat way to make things automatic, as flylady puts it.
So I've added my reading time, keeping my sink shiny, not shopping (this is for items that are not needed, just wants), and then sticking to the No "S" way of eating.

So now I'm off to do my reading time. : )

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Family business

My husband has started up a business called it's a wonderful product for any law enforcement or security officer. It's a great affordable gift, not only that, it's designed to keep your loved ones much safer.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter things to do

We have some special things planned this year.
I was baptized as an infant in the Catholic church and am choosing to be baptized hopefully this Wednesday in our new church, if everyone is feeling up to snuff. My little ones have been down with a cold and I really don't want to do it without them there as a part of it. My Pastor is doing a private baptism for us. I believe my brother and Bry (my husband have also decided they would like to be baptized as well). It's a full submersion and it's still a bit cold here so I'm hoping I don't scream as I enter the water for this special event, gosh that would be so embarrassing. So this will be a very special day for all of us, me screaming or not LOL : )

Easter Reading: The Cross in the Egg by Shirley Taylor (This book is a great way to tie in the Easter bunny and the true meaning of Easter. A very lovely story.)
We also have the book and set of Resurrection Eggs on the way. (from

In the Easter baskets this year:
Each of the kids will have a few organic lollipops from Trader Joes and licorice that is corn syrup free and some gummies from Trader Joes. My Mom is sending us some wholesome family treats to enjoy also, verses having any more candy. My kids don't really eat much candy and it's something we just end up throwing out. We are hiding eggs out back that are filled with non candy items, like stickers, pencil erasers and things of that nature. But I didn't want to do much in the way of candy so tried to keep to things the kids can use and that some of the things can be tied to the celebration of Jesus.

Baby girl:
Baby's first bracelet (from
Glittery Hearts Faith bands (from
Little Flower head band
Brain Quest for 2-3 year olds
watering can to water our flowers outside

4 year old son:
Faith tag, stick with Jesus (from
Jesus Victory Puzzle block (from
Safari lead free insects toob (God's creatures)
Brain Quest numbers (something to add to his workboxes)
Brain Quest Letters
Beatrix Potter coloring book about Peter Rabbit (we are reading the Peter Rabbit Stories at bedtime.)

7 year old daughter:

Glittery Hearts Faith bands (from
The Princess and the Kiss coloring book (we have this lovely book and both the older girls enjoy it very much) (from
Book: The Very First Easter by Kelly Pulley (by the same folks who do the Beginner's bible)
Garden gloves
Chick themed post it notes (we like to write notes to each other in the family so we use post it's often : )

9 year old daughter:

Glittery Hearts Faith bands (from
The Princess and the Kiss coloring book  (from

Books by Lee Strobel (these were recommended by my Pastor), The case for Christ for Kids, The case for the Creator for kids and the Case for Faith for kids.
Garden Gloves
Chick Themed post in notes

I received some neat things via email about fun things to do for Easter, so thought I would share them:

Empty Easter Tomb cookies:

These are a copy and paste from Sue Patrick's workbox email and the ideas are some pretty neat ones about things you can do with those plastic Easter eggs that can be picked up cheaply (just watch for lead, as there was a bit recall I think last year because of the lead in some of these):

For little ones, just opening them and putting them together works on fine motor skills and sequencing.  For children of all ages, they can be used for enrichment activities in all subjects.  Here are few ideas:

  • Chores:  Have a set color for each child (ex: Joey is always blue, Mark is always green).  The children hunt for an egg in each room.  When they find it and open it, it has a chore to be done in it for that room.
  • Preschool Workboxes:  Put many different color eggs with parts separated in a Workbox.  The child finds the matching halves and puts them together in a "finished" egg carton.  Expand this by having them place the color word in the egg once they match it.  In the beginning the color word will also be printed in that color of ink (the yellow egg color will be printed in yellow ink).  Expand by having only black ink color words.  
  • Elementary Age Workboxes:  Fill each egg with different items (penny, toothpick, rice, rubber band, etc).  Label the bottom of each depression of an egg carton with that item and the child shakes each egg trying to tell from the sound what item is in the egg.  He sorts them by sound onto the appropriate label.  He then gets to open them to see if he was right.
  • Middle School Workboxes/Center: Timeline events--label each egg with an event or date.  The child sorts them in order if listed by event or if the date is written on them, place the matching event on a label in the depression of a an egg carton.  He sorts the eggs onto the correct even.     You can also play a game of throwing the eggs to them and when they catch it and look at the information, they have a certain period of time to tell you everything they know about that event.  Ex:  The egg has "underground railroad" on it.  You throw it to them and they have one minute to tell you when, where and why for the underground railroad.  This is particularly fun with multiple children.
  • High School Workboxes/Center:  Use them as a visuals when working on planning for big projects or literature assignments.